Stories of Trust

Banking is more than account numbers and balances. Banking is about personal stories. Dreams. Aspirations. Goals set and met. From budding entrepreneurs to commercial relationships spanning decades. From first-time homebuyers to families that have turned to Bankers Trust for generations. Check out some of the stories from Bankers Trust’s first 100 years below.

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Growing up financially with Bankers Trust

Kris Jensen became a Bankers Trust customer in 1982. She was just starting her career and, she admits, didn’t really know a lot about Bankers Trust at the time. Read more.

More Than an Account Number

In 1971, when customer Mary Osborn was pregnant with her first child, she opened a Bankers Trust account in the name of her unborn son because the bank was running a promotion. Now, 46 years later, Mary and other family members are still customers of Bankers Trust. “The account under my son’s name was my first with the bank,” Mary told us, “I’ve stayed with the bank since then because of the one-on-one treatment you get. Bankers Trust treats me like a person, not just another account number.”

A “Story of Trust” that spans an entire century

Anne Raftis’ “Story of Trust” began long before she was born, on the bank’s very first day in business, June 1, 1917. Read more​.

An 89-year relationship with Bankers Trust

Some relationships are rock solid and stand the test of time. That includes the relationship between Bankers Trust and the Donald Durham Company. Read more.

51 Years of Trust

Shared by Former Bankers Trust employee Ruth Klotz

Some of our most loyal customers actually start as employees. This is true for Ruth B. Klotz, who became an employee and customer of Bankers Trust in 1966. Read more.

​My “Story of Trust”

Shared by Bankers Trust customer Bill Taber

My father, Bud Taber, did his banking with Bankers Trust when he took me took me to the downtown bank in 1956 to open a savings account. I have been a customer of the bank for sixty years and a former employee before beginning my career in the investment management profession. Read more.

​Our “Story of Trust”

Shared by Bankers Trust customers Dan and Linda Storms

Some “Stories of Trust” span generations, including one shared recently by two long-time customers of our East Branch. Thanks to our team member, Michelle McCreery, for always providing outstanding customer service. Read more.

​Helping a small business dream big

Alicia Jaime can’t help but beam when she talks about the future of her company, International Veterinary Supplies. Read more.

​Service that Goes Above and Beyond

Deb Malone, Account Manager – Nonqualified Retirement Plan Services

When Deb Malone’s grandmother appeared disoriented during her meeting at the Windsor Heights branch, a friendly employee went the extra mile to make sure she was all right. Read more.

​The Power of a Smile

Heather Bahe, VP, Consumer Lending Manager – Consumer Lending

A friendly smile can go a long way. For Heather Bahe, there’s one Bankers Trust employee, in particular, who makes each day a little brighter for everyone she meets. Read more.

​Persistence and Teamwork Leads to Sales Success

Mike Coppess, Senior Commercial Relationship Manager – Commercial Banking

In 2000, Rob Reinard, vice president, consumer services manager, and I had the opportunity to submit a financing proposal for a gentleman to construct a new building and relocate his office/manufacturing plant from its current location. Read more.


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