Christopher Fitzgerald

​“Bankers Trust is loyal to its people and the people are loyal right back to the company,” said Christopher Fitzgerald, an Assistant Vice President and Asset Liability Officer.

Christopher began his career with Bankers Trust as a summer intern in 2005 and joined the Bank full-time after completing his graduate degrees. He chose Bankers Trust because of its size. Christopher has been involved in many aspects of the Bank’s operations while exploring the diverse career opportunities at Bankers Trust. 

“I believe I have had more opportunities at Bankers Trust to learn the Banking industry than I would have had at some larger institutions.”

As part of his professional development, Christopher was selected to take part in the Bankers Trust Leadership Academy. The Academy offers development opportunities to employees who have proven that they are ready for more leadership responsibilities.

“The Bank does a great job of encouraging its employees to grow their professional skills.”

Christopher is also impressed with the Bank’s deep involvement in the community. Among its initiatives, employees can get time off with pay to do volunteer work in the community through the Bank’s Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program. Christopher volunteers with a number of organizations including: FreeStore - benefiting those affected by domestic violence, mentoring at an area elementary school, the Roosevelt High School Foundation and the Bank’s Read to Save program.

Christopher said the Bank consistently emphasizes its commitment to community, customers, shareholders, employees and inclusiveness. This provides the foundation for a corporate culture he truly values.​