Music University​

Meet Kuuku Saah, a Securities Trading Officer with Bankers Trust, and you’ll meet passion personified. In the midst of studying for advanced investment certifications, he’ll be the first to tell you he loves his work and he loves playing the guitar.
These two loves led him to seek our support of Music University, an October event offered through the Des Moines Music Coalition. Held at Drake University, it is an opportunity for professionals and amateurs—composers, performers, arrangers, producers and technicians—from around the state and the country to come together, share experiences and learn skills necessary to succeed in the business of music. The programs are a creative mix of renowned speakers from the music field, small group conversations, instructional sessions that focus on practical financial strategies and opportunities to listen and perform together in a variety of public settings.
Chris Ford, a versatile performer with an international tour to his credit, is the current producer of Music University. He can manage cash flow and stage impressive public events while building his artistry at the piano. “Kuuku has been such a friend to Music U,” he said. “And Bankers Trust has been helpful in terms of funding the event and providing leadership for the financial management segments.” 
Bankers Trust concerns itself with such a venture in part because an employee we value cares deeply about it. Also, like other civic and corporate leaders in Central Iowa, we believe attracting and retaining young professionals depends on the quality of life our area affords, and the arts are a critical measure of that quality. “As a recent Bravo Greater Des Moines study showed,” Saah elaborated, “it’s amazing how much culture and the arts contribute to our economic well-being. Music of all kinds has a strong foothold here, and teamwork across our community will make Central Iowa a cultural hub for musicians.” 
Kuuku Saah wants music to thrive in Greater Des Moines, and so do we.