Interview Tips for Interns

​​The real key to a good interview is preparation. Setting aside time to prepare for your interview makes all the difference. Employers want to hire students who are confident, relaxed, and ready to meet challenges. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll put yourself ahead of the competition. 

Research the Company

There’s nothing that impresses an interviewer more than someone who shows a real interest in the company and its goals. Doing your research proves that you’re engaged with what the company has to offer and that you made an informed decision when you applied for the position. ​

What to Wear

First impressions are important. As a general rule, you should dress “business professional."

On Time

Punctuality is a rule that never goes out of style. Plan to arrive at your interview 15 minutes early. Always ask where to park ahead of time so that you don’t get lost. Arriving early shows that you are organized and on top of your game. 

The Greeting

When you are taken into the employer’s office make sure to wear your confidence and appear pleasant and happy. Take a deep breathe to calm your nerves and avoid speaking too quickly. Give the employer a FIRM handshake. Thank your interviewer for his or her time and consideration.

Market Yourself

Now it’s time for the real interview to begin. Try to avoid simple “Yes” or “No” answers to questions. This is your time to shine. You want to seem confident in your abilities, excited about the opportunity, and truly passionate about the field. Make sure your answers to the questions reflect this.

Be Authentic

The interviewer wants to get to know you. This is a chance to make yourself memorable; show what motivates you. Be the best version of you. Do not try to present yourself as someone or something you are not. To do this, make talking points of your selling points; this will boost your confidence.

Keep Your Answers Brief

Share your concise answer and allow the interviewer to ask you to expand. Avoid talking too long and drifting off topic. Answer in a succinct and straight-forward manner.​

Prove Why You Will Succeed

Point to your past accomplishments from all aspects of your life, including school, work, campus organizations, and community service. Accomplishments go beyond awards and scholarships. Leading projects or attending a professional conference are two examples of accomplishments that may boost you above other intern candidates. Past achievements are the best indicator of your future.

Show That You Are Easy to Manage

Through examples of your accomplishments, demonstrate that you are a quick-learner, conscientious, able to work independently, and collaborate well with others.


When the interview is done, you can thank the employer again for their time and let them know that you will be following up.

Thank You Note

The thank-you note is a crucial part of the interviewing process. It doesn’t have to be long, but promptly thank your interviewer for his or her time and consideration. This is also a good opportunity to stress your best qualities. 

Prepare well for your internship interview, and you will make a positive impression. Research the company. Create interview study cards with predictable questions. Find a colleague and practice mock interviews until you feel sure of your skills. 


Interviewing Tips For Interns, Author: Lisa Grinfeld
Internship and Job Interview Tips, Debra Wheatman, President of Careers Done Write​