​Suku in the Media…

Suku on WHO Radio with Van Harden.If you keep up with the local news in Central Iowa, you have likely seen items featuring Suku. Here are a few recent local, regional and national news items in which Suku is featured.

Suku Radia to Retire as CEO of Bankers Trust – Des Moines Register 

Power Couple: Suku and Mary Radia – Des Moines Business Record

ISU Alumnus Suku Radia Focuses on Family, Community – Iowa State Daily 

Spotlight On: Suku Radia, President & CEO of Bankers Trust – The Partnership Movement 

How it Feels to Lose Your Country to a Dictator…and Why America Won’t Be Next – Paste Magazine

Suku Radia on Business and People - Insight on Business

Tireless mentor, volunteer Suku Radia set new bar for Des Moines CEOs - Des Moines Register


Suku speaking at a private banking event at the Salisbury House.

Every once in a while Suku makes an appearance on screen. Take a look at some of our favorites.

90 Ideas in 90 Minutes

Most Influential Business Leader (2015)

Most Influential Business Leader “Wall of Achievement” video (2016)


Suku in the Media | Bankers Trust