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Congratulations on your retirement and best wishes for success on this new chapter of life. You were the very first person to send me a congratulatory card when I began five months ago as the Business Record's editor, and I was so honored that you took time to do so. Your commitment to Greater Des Moines and generosity are inspiring. - Suzanne Behnke

Congratulations on an amazing and enviable career and on the first part of a life well led. You positively touched so many of our lives in central Iowa. You truly are an inspiration to all. - Ben Hildebrandt

Thanks Suku for your amazing leadership. I've been here for only two years and you have made me feel that I can accomplished anything and grow within BTC. I am very amazed with your speeches because your words of choices inspires me. We will miss you and hope that you enjoy your retirement. Once again thank you. - Sady Phetpriyavanh

Nothing will be the same without you! I hope you plan to spend lots of time in Des Moines and that you continue to do all the wonderful things you have done for so many people and organizations throughout the years. I also wish you a long, happy, healthy retirement. - Connie Wimer

Congratulations on your retirement. It has been a pleasure knowing you even just a little bit over the years. You have contributed so much to the community in addition to being a great CEO at Bankers Trust. The two main reasons I have done my banking at Bankers Trust are (1) it is locally owned and (2) I knew management was in good hands. - Terry Hancock

I can't tell how grateful I am to have worked for you these past 10 years. I cannot believe how fast it's gone. You are truly remarkable. Your kindness and generous ways will leave a lasting impact on the employees, customers and community. Best wishes to you and Mary. Safe travels wherever you go!! - Yvonne Silvers and family

Thanks for your wise, compassionate, and insightful advise. Your gracious approach to the conflicts we each face is a marker we should all strive to reach! Our community is stronger and more civil because of you....I look forward to your next chapter in contributing to Central Iowa! - Bill Stowe

Congratulations on your retirement! I hope you'll enjoy retirement as much as I do! It is well-deserved after a long, successful career. Best wishes. - Sandy Cooney

As Shakespeare would say: "To thee no star be dark!" Suku, especially on behalf of the Board of Directors of The Iowa Shakespeare Experience- -but also certainly from me and Lorenzo personally as well- - we here at ISE wish you and Mary all the continued "greatness" that you have achieved - AND that "has been thrust upon you!" Rather like the "Little Drummer Boy" who had no gift to bring other than himself, we know that in terms of what ISE can honor you with, what will mean the most to you is the thousands and thousands of families and youth that our annual free summer Shakespeare festival has served - -in no small part due to your help. However, we also hope that our most recent additional news can send you on your new journeys (only to come back to visit often!) with an extra smile- - because we know that you will appreciate what it means for a tiny arts agency (serving the community for free!) to have now celebrated (just this December 2017) the receipt of our TENTH sequential Bravo grant, along with a host of Iowa Arts Council grants, Prairie Meadows grants and more, too. On top of that, we've been seeking an opportune time to share with you that ISE's most recent Shakespearean adaptation won "Number Five" best in the world at Cambridge, England's massive international Shakespearean play contest sponsored by Cambridge University- and with all this news, there's no one we think of more gratefully than you. Your support at critical times has meant that these days, ISE's is now growing into the "Iowa" part of our name. as our work is now being produced more and more on a statewide level-- in fact, Lorenzo was this year's Dimmit Fellow in Theatre out at Morningside College this very year, taking ISE's original works into a tri-state area ...and serving three times as many students, youth and families as the fellowship hoped for. So 2017 certainly has been consequential - - and we hope you know that your encouragement to us has been a key reason why these outcomes have unfolded - and why SO many people have been served. More importantly, we also know your encouragement to us only mirrors similar encouragement you have provided to so many. So we close by saying in Shakespeare's own words: "Thanks, Thanks and Ever Thanks" - - and if there WAS ever a way to say it better than the Bard does, we would surely do it! - Robin Heinemann and Lorenzo Sandoval - and the Board of Directors of The Iowa Shakespeare Experience

You have been such a wonderful advocate for the many in our community that need help and assistance through your leadership for United Way and the many nonprofit organizations that have benefitted from your leadership! - Tim Shanahan

Suku, congratulations on your retirement! And, thank you for all your many contributions to the Des Moines business community and your willing engagement with and support of so many non-profits in the central Iowa area. Proud that 50-50 in 2020 is one such organization. I have no doubt that as you enjoy the more relaxed pace retirement allows, you will continue to offer your time and talents to worthwhile causes. All best wishes in the days ahead. - Mary Ellen Miller

Thank you, Suku, for all your many contributions toward the betterment of Des Moines, the positive image you consistently project and for the encouragement you have willingly offered to so many. We need MORE like you today! I wish you my very best for a long and happy retirement. - Paul Weeks

You have been a funny, wonderful and integral part of many people and their careers over the years. Best wishes on a successful retirement. - Michael Wolnerman

Best of luck in your next 'chapter' as I know you won't truly retire. Thank you for all you have done for our community. You left a wonderful legacy. - Maria Davis

Congratulations on our retirement! It was great getting to know you over the years during the PCC! Thank-YOU for all of your leadership with the PCC and helping us make it what it is today. Best of Luck on your next journey in life! - Steve Thilges

Best wishes Suku as you retire from BTC! Your leadership and community spirit will continue to live on as we see Des Moines grow and prosper. Thank you for your commitment and determination to be more than just satisfied with the status quo. - Mark Snell

Thank you for your leadership and for being a friend to me and my family. I appreciate the encouragement and the support you have given to me and Alex over the years. I pray that God will continue to grant you the strength to be an outstanding leader in this community and to stand in support of issues that are important to everyone. Thank you for using your gifts and talents to bless the lives of so many people. - Sharon Gaddy-Hanna

Well Brother, another chapter is about to be completed. Looking back, there have been some very low lows in your life during your teen age years. We believe that these events have shaped you into the man you are today. With that behind you, coming to ISU, meeting the love of your life, working with KPMG, raising 3 wonderful children, working at Meredith, and finally at Bankers Trust, oh my how high can the highs go. On top of all these highs you have poured out yourself for so many others. Given your time, talent and wealth. We know you won’t stop doing any of these but now with a new boss. You.  We wish you the best and pray you will enjoy this new chapter of life with Mary and your children. You have been an amazing friend and we hope to continue to see you and share more memories together. Thank you for all you have done for our community and us personally. We pray for your good health and happiness. - Kim and Rich Willis

Since 1972 when we met, you have set the gold standard for others to try to follow. Your dedication to Mary, creative service to your clients and untiring efforts to make Des Moines a better place to live will never be equaled, though thanks to your leadership and mentoring others will try. I have relished the time spent with you, saved every one of your letters, and look forward to nourishing our friendship. - Steve Petosa

To a great a leader, a great man! Bankers Trust has been so fortunate to have you at our helm. Thank you for being a wonderful example of integrity, unselfishness, professionalism, and wit. Your presence will be greatly missed. But....here's to many new and happy retirement memories to you, Suku! With much admiration and appreciation. - Jody Huerkamp

Thank you for being so welcoming upon my arrival in a new city (and enabling me to experience a stretch limo ride through downtown Dexter for hamburgers!) Thanks to you and Mary for being good friends to Susan and me. And thank you for all you do for our community -- you are a great role model for how one person can make such a varied impact on a city. I wish you a tremendously fulfilling retirement. - David Brown

I wish you well Suku! I have always enjoyed our visits, stay in touch. - Kevin Foley

Congratulations on your retirement! Your leadership, commitment and hard work has greatly impacted our community. You have made a difference! Enjoy your retirement. - Steve Van Oort

Take good care, my friend. I appreciate all that you have done for our community and the personal role model that you have been for me. Best of luck in your retirement years. - Michael Sadler

Suku and Mary, I wish you all and only the best life has to offer. You deserve it! With good wishes and fondness. - Bonnie Campbell

Thank you for your mentorship and for being a strong leader by always setting a positive example for others, like myself, to follow and look up to. You are genuine, humble and always driven to help others. Your service to our community is amazing and I admire all you have accomplished. Congratulations! - David Leto

Suka, life won't be the same without you at Banker's Trust.. You have provided so many people, like myself, to grow and prosper because you believed in all of us and helped us financially when necessary. You must feel so proud of all your accomplishments and the people you have helped over the years you have been at the helm. Someone has big shoes to fill but they have been mentored by one of the best in the business. You and Mary have so many wonderful times ahead of you and as we all say Bon Voyage...we send you off with a tear and also a wave of all that is to come. You are the best and your many kindnessess to me will always be remembered. - Kathleen Stahl

It has been a great honor to know and work with both Mr. Suku Radia and his wife Dr. Mary Radia. In this brief public congratulations, I will be including Mary in my words of praise because I have always known the two Radias to work as a team. Suku and Mary have been long-time advocates for all individuals in our society regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status or sexual preference. Their tireless advocacy for Public Education, as well as countless other civic entities, has helped to provide effective systems to meet the needs of all of the Metro’s stakeholders, including young learners, families and the community as a whole. At a time when society is at a crossroads and varying opinions can create division, Suku’s calm and steady actions help to bring to the forefront the true purpose of Civic Responsibility: actions and attitudes associated with democratic governance and social participation. Mr. Radia’s diverse background of being of Indian decent on the continent of Africa and his educational experiences in England and the United States have helped to formulate his mental model of inclusion and fair representation for all members of society. I truly cannot think of any other individual who epitomizes the ideals of our Democratic Society. One aspect that may not be outwardly evident is Mr. Radia’s deep belief that all education employees must be treated with the utmost respect, dignity and reverence. Each time he meets with those who wish to influence my profession, he reminds those individuals that a solid education is the corner stone of our societal fabric and that those who work with our children should demand as much or more respect as any other professional. He has advocated for strategies to attract and retain the highest quality educators and moving resources in the system closest to the students in order to provide robust programs for all children. Because I have had the great honor of teaching the three Radia children, I have developed a deep respect and admiration for the entire Radia family. I truly can say that there is no one individual or family that I hold in higher regard than Suku and his wife and children. We are all the better because of their activism, commitment and deep and thoughtful actions. - Mike Beranek

The community will never be able to completely repay you and Mary for your contributions in making Iowa a great place to live. You define civility in every aspect of your life and you've served as a wonderful role model on how not just to live in a great community but to be part of the ecosystem that allows it to become even more successful. - Dan Houston

Suku, It has been a pleasure interacting with you over the years. I have really enjoyed our discussions about Uganda, Iowa State, Iowa politics and of course, business. One of my favorite memories is of you performing a lawn chair routine at Jamie Pollard's house several years ago. What fun and I admired your courage! :) Your energy and enthusiasm is an example for all of us. Most of all I appreciate your civic consciousness and desire to better Iowa and our communities, and you actually committed your time and labor into improving so many areas of Iowa! Also, a special thank you for being the spearhead for Dad being inducted into the Iowa Business Hall of Fame. Thank You! We wish you the best in what I forecast will be a very active retirement! All the best. - Charles Sukup

Congratulations on your retirement. Nothing like going out on top! Thanks for everything you have done for this state and community. I want to especially thank you for your friendship and the time we spent together discussing the Hawks and the business climate in DM. Enjoy sleeping in! - Bobby Hansen

Thanks for all you do for Bankers Trust, the employee's and the community. I will always remember you and your Beautiful Wife Dr. Mary. Blessings to you and your Family. - Mary McCracken

Suku, I can't think of anyone who comes close to having had the breadth and depth of impact on the Greater Des Moines community that you have. How you have had time to do all you do is a mystery to me but one that we have all benefited tremendously from. Thanks for your MANY contributions to our community! All the best to you and Mary as you move to the next chapter of your lives. - Karen Shaff

Thanks for being such an amazing advocate for this community. Thanks for always stepping forward to help make great things happen. - Aaron Kennedy

I am out of town! I want you to know that you have been such a pillar in our community and as others may try, you can not be replaced! I will miss your birthday wishes and your wonderful notes. Best wishes - I am sure you will continue to be active in our community! - Angela Connolly

You have done Mahatma Gandhi proud and been the change you wish to see in the world. Thank you for your leadership at Bankers Trust and best wishes for all your future endeavors. - Valerie Hermanstorfer

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement! Thanks for all your great leadership, not only at Bankers Trust but also in the community, and your mentorship of me personally and many, many others! - Kevin Vermeer

As you move ahead into retirement, remember that you leave behind a legacy of achievement, encouragement and work ethic that will never leave Bankers Trust, the communities you have served, and the charitable organizations you have so deeply touched. May the many years ahead bring you nothing but joy and relaxation. Congratulations on your retirement! - Vicki Signor

Congratulations on your "retirement" and very successful career! You have earned it. Although, with your high energy level and commitment to community service, I suspect it will be a very busy retirement. Thank you for all of your contributions to Des Moines, Iowa, and the world. Thank you for the generosity you have shown to me and my family. You have been a positive influence in so many endeavors and to so many lives. You are a great example for all professionals to emulate. Best wishes to you, Mary, and your family as you move forward into your next stage of life. I hope we can continue to tee it up more often! - Scott and Ruth Meyer

Suku does an amazing job of helping everyone he meets realize how significant they are to the bigger picture of the work place, the community, and life. He inspires. And no one tells a story like Suku. My favorite is his "Cassandra" story about "Jenny." Suku brings out the best in everyone he meets. Truly inspirational. - Jenny Leonard

I have worked with a lot of presidents over the past 37 years and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed working with you the most. The culture and atmosphere you created made this place a truly wonderful place to work! - Julie Masimore

Suku-you were a welcome addition to the Bankers Trust team and we will miss having you attend our outings in Cedar Rapids! Enjoy retirement! - Kathi Nelsen

While I have only been at Bankers Trust 3 years, you have always been a wonderful leader in the community. I have always admired and respected you. I feel most fortunate to have had the opportunity to work for Bankers Trust when you have been our leader and role model. I know you will keep very busy with all the commitments that you always will have. Wishing you and Mary well as you head off to enjoy your travels and of course shopping. My daughters and myself look up to you both as great leaders. Thank you so much for your time at Bankers Trust and for your total dedication to the community. - Lori Slings

Warmest congratulations on your retirement, my friend. Thanks for your many years of leadership in this community, your wicked sense of humor, your blues routine, for serving as a role model for immigrants, especially with Indian roots, and so much more. I especially enjoyed serving on the Grinnell Social Justice Prize committee with you. I can't wait to see your next act, whatever that is! Fondest wishes. - Rekha Basu

Although we have not had a lot of interaction with you over the years the times I have spent with you and just run into it has been a true treat. You have been and still will always inspire me. I know I will still see you around and looking forward to your next journey. Thank you for all your help along the way my friend. - Craig Faber

Thank you for your friendship, guidance and support over the years. You were the first to congratulate me on my move from KPMG to the ISU Foundation in 1997. Since then, I’ve appreciated your great support of Iowa State, especially your service on the Foundation Audit Committee. I wish you all the best in your retirement! - Lisa Eslinger

Congratulations and Best Wishes as you embark on a new chapter in your life journey and story. Thanks for being such an outstanding role model for leaders of Des Moines, and well beyond. Your wisdom and wit have been a source of inspiration and guidance to many. Thanks for your thoughtful and generous leadership. With appreciation and gratitude. - Rand and Cyndi Fisher

Best wishes Suku and thank you for your leadership, passion, and commitment to Iowa State University and the State of Iowa. We are blessed by your talent and desire to make this world we share a better place! - Larissa Holtmyer Jones

It has been such a great experience being part of the Bankers Trust Community Board, allowing the opportunity to engage with such a leader as yourself. The wisdom and leadership that you bring to the community is second to none - top notch. To watch the transitional upward growth of both the bank and the community over the last 10 years, was both impressive and inspiring. Thank you so much for the drive, passion and leadership of the 2017 Solheim Cup, where Des Moines, IA was again, placed on the national and international stage in fine form. Here's to a remarkable next stage of life, which we're all confident, will be faced with grace and passion and success! - Rosemary Parson

Dad, wishing you a happy retirement! Now it's my turn to tell you how proud I am of you. Thank you for being such a great role model. Love, Renee. - Renee Radia

Suku is one of those rare leaders who knows how to make a difference in people's lives, dedicates himself to making a positive difference, delivers a powerful message to enroll others and then lives into all of his commitments. I am proud to call him a colleague and a friend. It has been a privilege to work with him and at times, to serve the community with him. While he is stepping away from his current executive role, I am sure his life's passion for service will continue unabated and those of us who know him will continue to be bolstered by his impact. All the best, my friend. - James Hohmann

Suku, I am so happy for you to finally be able to retire and spend some time on YOU and with your dear family. You are one of the kindest people I have ever met. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for this community. Now ... get some rest. No more checking emails at 2:00/3:00 a.m.! - Amanda Jordan

The community will, literally, not be the same without you 'connecting the dots'. I sincerely hope you do not fade away from us too quickly. From every nomination to a community award to opening a door for a fundraising call, there is no equal to you. When you said, "He/She is my very, very good friend", that was actually true. You have so many in this community. And the integrity of your word has amplified your impact. Thank you so much for all you have done to make this community the jewel that it is to live. - Debra Peckumn

Suku, I can honestly say I have never met anyone like you - and I mean this in every positive way you can professionally imagine. You are intelligent, warm, engaging, thoughtful, GIVING, impactful, loaded with common sense and business sense, and you remember everything about everybody personally and professionally. You and Mary deserve to live your dreams in retirement. I wish you nothing but the best! - Laura Jackson

You are one in a million millions. Thanks for your leadership, your friendship and your encouragement. I know I will still be giving you money at the golf course so will keep this short. Jennifer and I wish you and Mary nothing but the best in retirement. Our only wish for you is that you find time to sleep, time to relax, and time to keep making a difference in this community just like you have for the past 40+ years. Congratulations my friend. - Sean Vicente

Dearest Suku, before I permanently arrived in Des Moines from Atlanta in 2004, your reputation preceded you as I heard your name again and again (and again!) regarding your community leadership and commitment to making Des Moines the best it could be. The resounding success of The Solheim Cup was the pinnacle of your vision to transform our community and region, and I shall never forget the experience and pride we all felt. Your genuine love for people, never taking yourself too seriously, authentic friendships you've built, the kindness of spirit you bestow upon others, mentoring of young professionals, countless personal notes, and unwavering love for your wife and children, are all qualities that I so admire about you. Thank you for being my friend and mentor these past 14 years. You are simply THE BEST. Much love and best wishes to you. - Shannon Cofield

You are such an inspirational leader! I appreciate all of the introductions you have made for me and the opportunities that you have helped to connect me with in the community. I have learned so much from you. You have an extraordinary ability to make others feel valued. You lead with your heart and others truly are drawn to follow you. I have also gotten the chance to see your unique ability to ask the tough questions and ensure that the right discussion is taking place which in turn results in a much better resolution. I truly believe that I am a better leader because of your influence. Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do. You truly make a difference! - Monica Friedman

Suku, my dear friend, what an amazing ride it has been. I have enjoyed you and our relationship (personal and professional), immensely. I am sure you will have no problem keeping yourself busy in “retirement “. Don’t be a stranger. Make sure that you call me when you come to Chicago. All the best. - Bruce Hague

Suku, The opportunity to work with you over these past years is undoubtedly one of my favorite things about my time at the Partnership. I am so grateful for the support, guidance, and advice you've provided me. I am one of a countless number of people who benefitted by having the opportunity to work alongside you in some capacity and am better for the experience. Thank you so much for what you've done for me, for the Partnership, and for the community as a whole. Your influence and impact is far reaching and deep. Thank you so much for all you've done! - Kirk Irwin

To my friend who really knows how to "pay it forward".... well done! You will probably never understand the extent to which you have influenced me both personally and professionally - you are truly one of a kind and completely embody the qualities of a great leader and mentor. Through career moves and the loss of my dearest friend you have provided measured guidance and support - I will always be grateful for your friendship. Best wishes to you and Mary as you begin this wonderful new journey. - Marla Lacey

Suku's community leadership, generosity, and self-deprecating humor will be well covered during his retirement celebration. I, and thousands more, have benefited from observing those wonderful traits. May best personal stories of Suku, however, are at 5AM in the locker room at what is formerly known as the Healthy Living Center (the Y). Our "locker room talk" typically consisted of what charitable event he had been at (and often chaired) the night before and what time he got home from it (which left very little time for sleep in advance of the 4:30AM wake-up), how his fitness trainer was trying to kill him, and his keen interest in wanting to know what was going on in my personal and professional life. For an executive of his stature to show that kind of genuine interest in a nobody like me was very humbling and is a trait I try to emulate based on his example. - John Mickelson

Congrats on your retirement. It has been a pleasure getting to meet you and hear about your passion for helping others in the community and being such a great leader. Your story is an inspiration to all. Thanks for all that you have done and I am sure will continue to do for the Community. - Tracy Schmidt

I'd like to thank Suku for being a mentor to many of us in the community and to me personally. Suku inspires me and so many others thru his kindness towards others and his caring for our community. He sets an example for all of us to follow and asks nothing in return. I'd also like to thank Mary not only putting up with Suku for all these years but also for sharing her time and kindness with our community. What a team! - Mike McCoy

Michele and I wish you and Mary the best upon your retirement. You have been a role model for all of us as we strive to make our community a better place. We know many people who have benefited from your leadership and mentorship efforts. You are always helping people with their next career move, upcoming project, or challenge they may be facing. Most of all, we have enjoyed your sense of humor and general good naturedness. We hope you have a great retirement experience and hope to see you from time to time to check in on that. - Steve and Michele Whitty

Suku is the gold standard. He's tireless when it comes to connecting with people and improving our community. I always enjoy the birthday cards and notes he sends when good things are happening. Suku has touched so many individuals in our community and I'm grateful for his friendship. Best of luck to you in retirement and I hope you can finally find some time to golf! - Tony Dickinson

We want to thank you for all the contribution you have made in Central Iowa and in all of Iowa. Your model of outstanding public service is fantastic! Enjoy the special celebrations! And best wishes as you enter this next phase of life! - Dale and Mary Andringa

Suku is a great friend both professionally and personally.  He has been a wonderful contributor to our industry and has surely made positive differences in my life.  He sets the bar high for community support and leadership and is a role model for bankers across the state to emulate as they work to improve the lives of those they serve and their local economies.  Even as Suku retires from banking, I know he will continue to lead and be a positive influence on all those within his reach.  We wish Suku and Mary many rewards in the next stage of their lives. - Al & Myrna Tubbs and the entire Ohnward organization

In so many ways, Suku epitomizes what makes this community great, and in a broader context, Iowa as well. He is a true mover/shaker and I hope he will continue his good works in a number of ways. You've inspired many along the way Suku; thanks for allowing me to be one of those. - Mike Schreurs

Suku, your are a true inspiration and a great ambassador to this fine city, Thank you for the friendship.- Jay Doll

You are one in a million! Thanks for all the mentoring and support you provide to so many people in our community. Thanks for being the first one to reach out with a card of congratulations when one of us has an event to celebrate - whether it be a promotion, a move, a community volunteer opportunity, etc. I have a shining example of your generosity and caring spirit that I see every day in my office -- the framed photo of me and my business record article. It reminds me every day that the things we do to encourage each other, lift each other up and support one another matter above all other things that we do. Thanks for allowing me to learn from you. I wish you all the best in your retirement! -  Beth Raymond

I have had the distinct privilege to work with Suku through his role as the Chair of the Board at Mercy Medical Center and also, work with him on several community boards/events.  He has been a leader, counselor, mentor and most importantly, friend.  He is the consummate community steward, a person who thinks community first in every situation.  His passion for people and the well being for the good of the community are truly contagious.  While Suku is retiring from his position at Bankers Trust, he will never retire from his love of the community and his crusade to improve the quality of life in Des Moines and Iowa.  Suku has and will continue to leave his incredible impact on making Des Moines, Central Iowa better.  We are so lucky to have Suku and Mary in the community and they should be proud for the legacy of service. - Bob Ritz

In my first month on the job as editor of the Business Record, you gave me the guiding advice that shaped our newsroom's philosophy. Ever since, it's been my goal to help our audience know what will happen tomorrow, a week from now, a year from now, five years from now. You helped show me that our audience has the capacity to solve problems before they become problems, and that we should play a role in being the vehicle to give people the information so they can positively affect change. -  Chris Conetzkey

Suku, congratulations on your upcoming retirement.  When I first came to Des Moines, you were the first community leader to reach out to me.  I can't tell you how much that meant to me. Over the years, I have enjoyed working with you on so many community activities.  I also really appreciate your willingness to mentor so many of our talented young people.   My son was a recipient of your advice and counsel, and I will be forever grateful for your support.  You have amazed me with your energy and stamina, and by saying "yes" to virtually anything that was in the community's best interest.  Des Moines is a much better place as a direct result of you!  I wish you and Mary all the best, and know that you will continue to share your time and talent with those in need in the community.  With great respect and appreciation. - Jim Israel

After 40 years I have done radio interviews with hundreds of thousands of people. After the first one I did with Suku I knew this was one very special person, and we became friends. But isn't that everyone's "Suku story?" He has helped me, and what an honor it has been to help him and Bankers Trust. Best Wishes to you and your family always Suku!  - Van Harden

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