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After 40 years I have done radio interviews with hundreds of thousands of people. After the first one I did with Suku I knew this was one very special person, and we became friends. But isn't that everyone's "Suku story?" He has helped me, and what an honor it has been to help him and Bankers Trust. Best Wishes to you and your family always Suku!  - Van Harden

Suku, congratulations on your upcoming retirement.  When I first came to Des Moines, you were the first community leader to reach out to me.  I can't tell you how much that meant to me. Over the years, I have enjoyed working with you on so many community activities.  I also really appreciate your willingness to mentor so many of our talented young people.   My son was a recipient of your advice and counsel, and I will be forever grateful for your support.  You have amazed me with your energy and stamina, and by saying "yes" to virtually anything that was in the community's best interest.  Des Moines is a much better place as a direct result of you!  I wish you and Mary all the best, and know that you will continue to share your time and talent with those in need in the community.  With great respect and appreciation. - Jim Israel

In my first month on the job as editor of the Business Record, you gave me the guiding advice that shaped our newsroom's philosophy. Ever since, it's been my goal to help our audience know what will happen tomorrow, a week from now, a year from now, five years from now. You helped show me that our audience has the capacity to solve problems before they become problems, and that we should play a role in being the vehicle to give people the information so they can positively affect change. -  Chris Conetzkey

I have had the distinct privilege to work with Suku through his role as the Chair of the Board at Mercy Medical Center and also, work with him on several community boards/events.  He has been a leader, counselor, mentor and most importantly, friend.  He is the consummate community steward, a person who thinks community first in every situation.  His passion for people and the well being for the good of the community are truly contagious.  While Suku is retiring from his position at Bankers Trust, he will never retire from his love of the community and his crusade to improve the quality of life in Des Moines and Iowa.  Suku has and will continue to leave his incredible impact on making Des Moines, Central Iowa better.  We are so lucky to have Suku and Mary in the community and they should be proud for the legacy of service. - Bob Ritz

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