Suku Radia with headline; One name, ten years, and a million thanks.

Celebrating Suku Radia’s Retirement

Suku Radia will retire as Chief Executive Officer of Bankers Trust at year end. Under Suku’s leadership, Bankers Trust has experienced exceptional business growth, made significant contributions to the communities it serves, and strengthened its already remarkable culture of inclusion and innovation.

Suku and Mary Radia Who is Suku?

Learn more about Suku, his involvement in the Central Iowa community and the many recognitions he has received.

Suku in the Media

Read some of the recent news articles and watch videos featuring Suku.

What Others Have to Say

With his broad reach, there are many ways to describe Suku and the impact he has had on his friends, colleagues and the community.

Well Wishes

Read the stories and memories others are sharing to celebrate Suku as his retirement approaches.

Send Him Your Well Wishes

We invite you to wish Suku well as he embarks upon his retirement.​

Celebrating Suku Radia’s Retirement | Bankers Trust