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Photo of Alicia JaimeAlicia Jaime can’t help but beam when she talks about the future of her company, International Veterinary Supplies. Surrounded stacks and shelves of boxes – some imprinted with pink baby cows drinking from bottles – Alicia, who immigrated to the United States from Argentina, explains that it’s hard work to be a business owner, but extremely rewarding and exciting. “Ten years ago, we would have never imagined this. It’s really the American dream.”


Along with partners Jose Samaniego and Jorge Aponte, Alicia started IVS just two years ago. All three have extensive backgrounds in the veterinary supply industry. Together, they took the leap of faith to start IVS, exporting veterinary supplies to countries around the world.

They weren’t alone when they took that leap. “When we made our decision to open IVS, Bankers Trust was the first company I called,“ said Alicia. “I had already seen firsthand the way Bankers Trust was there to support the growth of another small company and I knew the bank’s employees were great team players.”

Underscoring the importance of a banking partner, Alicia said, “Without the money, you can’t afford the dream.”

From the very first meeting between IVS and Bankers Trust, according to Alicia, there was a great deal of excitement about the future of IVS and the potential for a great partnership. “It was incredible to experience so much support and a willingness to find ways to help our new business.”

Today, Bankers Trust provides IVS a full spectrum of banking solutions, from checking, savings and lending products to more sophisticated solutions they need to deal with international customers, including wire transfers and payment services. Because IVS is an importer/exporter, Alicia and her partners were especially impressed by the Global Banking capabilities at Bankers Trust. “Bankers Trust is a local bank with the sophistication of a large, national bank. The difference is that the Bankers Trust international experts are right here in Des Moines.”
Alicia is quick to point out that, while Bankers Trust’s products and services are great, it’s really about the people. “Bankers Trust is our partner,” she said. “The bank’s employees are professionals who are good for our business. They give us new tools to improve our business and performance. They listen to our needs and always suggest their best approach to solving challenges we may have.”

In just two years, IVS has experienced impressive growth and is poised for expansion. Its warehouse is at capacity and Alicia, Jose and Jorge all share a cozy office space. It’s cozy, but they’re proud of what they’ve built. “You see this?” Alicia asked while pointing at some before and after pictures of their space. “Bankers Trust did this. They helped make this possible.”
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