Growing up financially with Bankers Trust

Kris JensenKris Jensen became a Bankers Trust customer in 1982. She was just starting her career and, she admits, didn’t really know a lot about Bankers Trust at the time.

“The Bank was across the street from my new job at Bankers Life (now Principal), so it was convenient,” she says.

As a recruiter for Bankers Life, Kris was out and about in the community and people got to know her. Sometimes, however, job-seekers and others got her confused with—or assumed she was related to—Russell Jensen, who was a recruiter at Bankers Trust. Sometimes Bankers Trust job candidates would show up at her office at Bankers Life. She and Russell remain colleagues today.

Kris also remains a loyal Bankers Trust customer. By her own explanation, she has grown up with the Bank. “From my first checking and savings accounts to a home mortgage and wealth management services, Bankers Trust has always been there as my banking needs have grown,” said Kris. “I’ve been able to grow up financially with Bankers Trust.”

Kris said her Depression-era parents helped her understand the importance of a strong banking relationship. “One of the things that got my parents through the Depression was a close relationship with their local banker. It helped them keep the farm and businesses going,” she added.

Today, as her banking and financial needs have grown and become more complex, she values her relationship with Bankers Trust more than ever. “They know me. We have this great foundation on which to deal with issues that are extraordinarily important,“ she said. “Achieving a good quality of life in retirement is important to me and, with Bankers Trust, I know I’m entrusting that to people who know me and have my best interests at heart.”

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