Service that Goes Above and Beyond

By: Deb Malone, Account Manager, Nonqualified Retirement Plan Services

In 2015, my grandmother was 96 years old and had been a Bankers Trust Windsor Heights branch customer for more than 35 years.

One day, my grandma went to the branch to conduct some business. Brook Wade, a long-time employee of the Windsor Heights branch, happened to be covering the teller line. Brook was familiar with my grandma and noticed that something seemed to be off with her that day. She was so concerned about her that when my grandma left the branch, Brook contacted the Windsor Heights Police Department and asked them to do a wellness check.

When the police arrived at my grandma's house, they found her in her car, unable to get out and into her house from the garage. The police escorted her into her house and got her settled in. Then, they notified my family of the situation. After a visit to the doctor's office, we found out that my grandma had an infection that was affecting her equilibrium and causing her to be disoriented. With some medication, she was good as new.

I think it's great when a place of business knows their customers and are able to recognize when there may be an issue. It was even more wonderful that an employee at the Bank took the time to go the extra mile and check on her customer. Since my grandma lived alone, there was no one else at the house who could help her. This, to me, shows how Bankers Trust and our employees truly go above and beyond when it comes to serving customers. It makes me so proud to work for a company that is so well connected to its community.

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