A “Story of Trust” that spans an entire century

photo of Anne Raftis holding an article ablout her grandfatherAnne Raftis’ “Story of Trust” began long before she was born, on the bank’s very first day in business, June 1, 1917. This is when her grandfather, Scott C. Pidgeon, began working for the bank as a teller. In 1949, 32 years later, Scott succeeded James W. Hubbell as president of Bankers Trust.

Born in 1954, Anne grew up very familiar with the banking world. Many of her family members banked with Bankers Trust, and it wasn’t long before she did, too. “It’s the people and relationships that make Bankers Trust special,” Anne said, “I live near the West Des Moines branch now, but I will still stop by the Windsor Heights branch when I’m in town just to say hi.” She even worked as a teller at the Windsor Heights branch for two years before becoming a teacher. 

Anne believes the bank still holds the same values as her grandfather did when he was president, and that consistency and dedication is what makes the bank succeed. “People admired my grandfather, he was well respected and people wanted to do business with him – I see that reflected in the bank’s culture.”​

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