Our “Story of Trust”

Shared by Bankers Trust customers Dan and Linda Storms

My wife and I are 70 and have done business with Bankers Trust many years. Michelle McCreery, at your East Branch, has been a great help to us. If we have any problems or questions with our savings or checking accounts, Michelle has been our go to person to solve the problem. She’s friendly and very good at her job. Always returns our phone calls promptly.

Many years ago when I was looking for a bank to open a saving account; my great-aunt recommended Bankers Trust. She told me that during the great depression, Bankers Trust was one of the few banks in Des Moines not to close or have major problems. I’m glad I took that advice, and my wife and I are glad Michelle McCreery is at the East Branch, to help us with any problems or questions we have. My son and daughter also bank at Bankers Trust and Michelle has been a great help to them on numerous occasions.

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