My “Story of Trust”

​By: Bankers Trust customer Bill Taber

My father, Bud Taber, did his banking with Bankers Trust when he took me took me to the downtown bank in 1956 to open a savings account. I have been a customer of the bank for sixty years and a former employee before beginning my career in the investment management profession.

I subsequently opened accounts for my four children when they were old enough to know what a savings account was. My oldest son, Alex Taber, enjoyed receiving a flower today from his local branch office to commemorate the anniversary.

I have heard so many good comments about CEO Suku Radia’s leadership while at the bank, mostly from bank employees. They seem truly happy about working at Bankers Trust.

I am grateful for the great service we receive and for the stability of the bank’s finances and operations. Stable private family ownership has played a part in the long term success and continuity of operations as well.

Bankers Trust has much to be proud of! Celebrate!

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