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​When collecting funds efficiently, timeliness and security matter. The range of collections services we provide at Bankers Trust help you accomplish both. Find information on our collection services below or contact us to learn more.

ACH Originations

ACH originations from Bankers Trust help your business collect funds efficiently, on time and securely— so your collections start working for you faster.

  • Expedite availability of funds
  • Realize cost savings
  • Enjoy a secure and efficient electronic process

Remote Deposit

Gone are the days of making a trip to the bank to make a deposit. Save your business time and money by depositing your customers’ checks electronically. With Remote Deposit, you’re able to:

  • Deposit checks anytime
  • Reduce courier fees or trips to the bank
  • Get the highest level of security
  • Reduce paper and storage costs

Lockbox Services

When you allow Bankers Trust to deposit receivables into your bank account, your employees will save time and you’ll enjoy:

  • Faster collection of funds
  • Improved audit control
  • Increased security
  • Consolidation of bill payment providers into single file and single deposit
  • Automated updating of accounts receivable data

Cash Services

Save employees’ time and gain exceptional security for your money with Bankers Trust’s cash services. Features include:

  • Deposit or order cash and coin in any size
  • Secure counting and storage
  • Same-day credit for deposits

Merchant Card Processing

Bankers Trust partners with Professional Solutions Financial Services to deliver high-quality merchant processing at a great price.

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