Visa® Purchasing Credit Card

​​Purchasing products and services can be a lot simpler — with the Bankers Trust Visa® Purchasing Credit Card program for large businesses. It offers the solutions you need to cut costs and manage the procurement process more efficiently.

Chip-based Technology (EMV)

Bankers Trust Credit Cards with chip-based technology feature an embedded microchip visible on the front of the card to provide enhanced security and protection against fraud. With the chip-based technology feature, you’ll be able to make hassle-free transactions anywhere where Bankers Trust Visa® Credit Cards are accepted, abroad or at home.  You can make purchases at a merchant location, online, over-the-phone, or by mail just as you do today.  Plus you can enjoy peace of mind if your card is lost or stolen when promptly reported.​​

Reduce operating costs
Eliminate the need to create purchasing orders. 

Better control spending
You select the credit line for each employee, control cash access, and determine the types of merchants at which purchases can be made.

Eliminate many manual processes
Data and entry filing with General Ledger extract reporting.

Streamline program management and expense report process
Through your online account access.

  • Cardholders can review, reclassify, split, add mileage and other out-of-pocket expense, and submit expense reports online.
  • With eZBusiness, designated approvers can review and approve individual expense reports.
  • Program Administrators can review individual cardholder usage, manage user profiles, change credit limits, close accounts, and conduct General Ledger extract reporting.

Reduce expenses
One consolidated, automatic monthly payment when related to postage, printing and reconciliation.

How It Works

The Visa® Purchasing Credit Card program is designed to streamline your current purchasing and account processes. Therefore, it’s customized to your specific needs for authorizing, tracking, purchasing, and reconciliation.


Additional Information

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