Visa® Business Credit Card

Convenient, Detailed, Secure

​Designed for businesses needing cards for up to 25 employees, the Visa® Business Credit Card is easy and efficient for cardholders, detailed and secure for you!

Chip-based Technology (EMV)

Bankers Trust Credit Cards with chip-based technology feature an embedded microchip visible on the front of the card to provide enhanced security and protection against fraud. With the chip-based technology feature, you’ll be able to make hassle-free transactions anywhere where Bankers Trust Visa® Credit Cards are accepted, abroad or at home.  You can make purchases at a merchant location, online, over-the-phone, or by mail just as you do today.  Plus you can enjoy peace of mind if your card is lost or stolen when promptly reported.​​

Enjoy worldwide acceptance
The Business Credit Card is accepted at over 10 million merchants worldwide.

Better manage your company’s spending
Each month, you’ll receive a detailed statement for auditing and expense tracking.

Reduce risk and fraud
Online account access allows you to monitor and manage accounts:

  • Change individual cardholder credit limits to match spending needs.
  • Immediately close accounts or request new accounts be issued.
  • Review individual cardholder transactions.

Save time, avoid late fees
Choose to have your payments paid automatically.

Earn rewards
Select the optional rewards program to earn points that can be redeemed for gifts, travel, merchandise, and more.

How It Works

You determine:

  • which employees receive a company credit card.
  • individual credit limits and cash access for each cardholder.
  • whether you prefer individual or corporate billing.

Additional Information

Chip Credit Card FAQs

Business Resource Center

Online resources to help with your business’s financial needs, including:

  • Check and Deposit
    Ticket Ordering
  • Fraud Prevention Information
  • Federal Reserve Information
  • FDIC Guidance and Coverage
  • NACHA – Electronic Payment Information
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