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​While disbursements are an everyday part of running a business, the process shouldn’t slow you down. Disbursements services from Bankers Trust can help your business save time and money. View our wide range of services below, or contact us to discuss how our professionals can help your business.

ACH Originations

ACH originations help you better control your cash flow and provide convenience and security for customers, vendors, and employees. The ACH network allows for convenient electronic financial transactions between financial institutions throughout the United States, enabling you to:

  • Expedite availability of funds
  • Realize cost savings
  • Enjoy a secure and efficient electronic process

Wire Transfers

For same-day credit, receipt, and cash concentration, Bankers Trust’s wire transfer service creates one of the fastest, most secure ways to do business. Features of our domestic and international wire transfers include:

  • Transfer funds to any financial institution globally
  • Specify same-day or future settlement options
  • Exceptionally secure

Account Reconciliation

Enjoy the valuable benefits of one of our account reconciliation plans, whether your systems are automated or paper-based. Bankers Trust will help your business:

  • Save time
  • Better monitor account activity
  • Match report timing to your accounting cycle

Image Transaction Services

Image Transaction Services from Bankers Trust are a fast and easy way to integrate data and images to your accounting and customer service system. Some benefits include:

  • Respond to customer inquiries faster
  • High-quality images
  • Easy-to-magnify endorsement and clearing information

Controlled Disbursements

Bankers Trust helps you make informed cash position decisions by delivering the day’s funding requirements to you early. This helps you:

  • Minimize interest expense
  • Maximize interest earnings
  • Improve efficiency
  • Protect your account

Card Solutions

We provide a variety of Visa® credit card and debit card solutions for your business’s purchasing, payroll and recognition needs. Some benefits include:

  • Simplify employees’ purchasing process
  • Set custom limits
  • Manage fraud with real-time monitoring and/or EMV technology

Business Online Payroll

Pay employees and keep abreast of ever-changing employer regulations with Bankers Trust’s Business Online Payroll services.

  • Manage payroll efficiently
  • Save time
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Stay Safe

At Bankers Trust, there is no higher priority than the security of our customer’s assets.

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