Image Transaction Services

photo graphic of image transactions

​Bankers Trust Image Transaction Services easily allow you to integrate data and images to your accounting and customer service systems. This enables your company to respond faster when customers inquire about checks because you don’t have to sort through sequenced checks. Additional benefits include:

  • View high quality images as often as you wish with no loss of resolution or quality
  • Enlarge images so it’s easier to magnify endorsements and clearing information
  • Easily store checks in your own image archive for faster future access

How It Works

  • Bankers Trust transmits images of the front and back of paid checks to your company daily.
  • The file format can be an X9.37 format or multi-page TIFF.

CD-ROM Services

Reduce costs and improve efficiency by having Bankers Trust electronically record your checks and deposits on CD-ROM. As your checks and deposit tickets are processed for payment, we’ll digitally capture the front and back images, save them to a CD-ROM, and deliver it to you monthly. Benefits include:

  • Space-saving storage of information needed for proof of payment, research, and account reconciliation.
  • Electronic search capabilities make it easy to locate images.
  • Images can be retrieved and emailed directly from your computer.
  • Magnification function provides easy viewing.

Business Resource Center

Online resources to help with your business’s financial needs, including:

  • Check and Deposit
    Ticket Ordering
  • Fraud Prevention Information
  • Federal Reserve Information
  • FDIC Guidance and Coverage
  • NACHA – Electronic Payment Information
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