MyPayCard Payroll Card

Save Money, Reduce Fraud Risk and Improve Employee Satisfaction

​The Bankers Trust MyPayCard* is a prepaid Visa® debit card issued to your employees. Because it’s packed with benefits, it’s a great complement to payroll direct deposit.

Benefits for Employers

Greater Efficiencies, Reduced Costs, and Diminished Risk of Check Fraud

  • Improved direct deposit participation
  • Fewer checks to purchase, issue, and reconcile
  • Fewer paper checks in circulation reduces fraud risk
  • No work disruptions of employees wanting to go cash checks
  • Administrator access to create cardholder accounts online
  • System-generated identification number used as checking account in payroll direct deposit processing – no special processing required
  • Online resources available through the Administration portal:
    • Employer User Guide
    • Employee Enrollment Form
    • Card Maintenance and Close Forms
    • Links to ATM locations

Benefits for Employees

Time Savings, Money Savings, and Enhanced Safety

  • Eliminates the time and money associated with cashing a check
  • Accepted nearly everywhere Visa® is accepted, at ATM locations, or at Point-of-Sale using signature or PIN
  • Safety – less cash in the pocket and FDIC insured
  • MyPayCard mailed directly to the employee’s home
  • Net pay is available even when not present at work
  • Balance information easily available via Internet, Voice Response Unit, ATMs
  • Transaction detail and statements available via Internet
  • Email and text alerts available
  • Bill payment available to pay items such as rent, utilities, and loan payments

* MyPayCard is available in Central Iowa only

Business Resource Center

Online resources to help with your business’s financial needs, including:

  • Check and Deposit
    Ticket Ordering
  • Fraud Prevention Information
  • Federal Reserve Information
  • FDIC Guidance and Coverage
  • NACHA – Electronic Payment Information
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