SBAExpress Program

​Bankers Trust offers SBAExpress, an expedited term loan or line of credit program, for credit requests up to $350,000.


SBAExpress loans can be either a revolving line of credit or a term loan. Under this program, the SBA allows Bankers Trust to use its own loan analyses, procedures, and documentation requirements; unlike other loan programs, the SBA does not review the credit request directly, thus the expedited process. In return for the expanded authority and autonomy, the bank agrees to accept a maximum SBA guarantee of 50 percent. This program may be used for loans up to $350,000.

The paperwork involved in an SBAExpress loan is significantly less than that needed for any other SBA program, and the turnaround time is usually just a week to 10 days.

SBAExpress loans must be repaid over a period of no longer than seven years. The actual repayment period is set by Bankers Trust and could be shorter than seven years.

After evaluating your request and its associated risk, Bankers Trust may choose to submit your request via an alternative SBA program in pursuit of a higher guarantee amount – even if your loan request is for less than $350,000. You can be sure you’ll receive the customer experience you deserve along the way as our lenders keep you informed of the options that best fit your situation.


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