Sweep Accounts

Maximizing the Use of Your Deposits

​With Sweep Services, money is automatically swept in and out of your accounts to deliver the best benefit from your deposit accounts. Bankers Trust Sweep Services give you the opportunity to:

  • Save time from daily cash positioning
  • Use excess balances to earn interest or reduce interest expense
  • Prevent checking account overdrafts 


Repurchase Sweep*
An automated service that manages your checking account balance by sweeping funds in excess of a pre-determined peg balance into a Repurchase Account. When funds are needed to cover payments, the funds are automatically swept back to the checking account.

Money Market Sweep
An automated service that helps your business maximize its interest earnings by automatically sweeping excess funds to our Commercial Money Market Account. Target balances are established to minimize the number of sweep transactions so as to not exceed the 6 withdraw maximum permitted by federal banking regulations.

Line of Credit Sweep
A service in which collected funds are applied automatically to an outstanding balance on your line of credit and advances only when funds are required.

 * Any additional balance above the predetermined designated sweep point will be transferred automatically to a non-FDIC insured account. These funds are not insured by the FDIC, are not deposits or obligations of Bankers Trust, are not guaranteed by Bankers Trust, and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal investment.

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