Electronic Transmittal of Customer Information

Bankers Trust sometimes receives customer requests to transmit Non-Public Personally Identifiable Financial Information ("NPI") (for example, account numbers, copies of checks, copies of statements, etc.) via fax and/or email. This notice is to make you aware of the risks associated with communicating via traditional email and fax servers and that Bankers Trust offers a free encrypted email service to customers.


Traditional email and fax communications are:

  • Sent in clear text (i.e. they are unencrypted)
  • At risk of being intercepted or picked up by someone other than the intended recipient
  • Often stored on servers owned by the service providers (for example, the Internet Service Provider)


Bankers Trust has implemented ZixCorp secure email solutions to protect incoming and outgoing email and any NPI that may be included in the email. Bankers Trust customers can create a free secure email account by visiting www.bankerstrust.com, scrolling  down  near the bottom  of the homepage, and clicking the "Email Us Securely" link under Security. We recommend using the ZixCorp secure email service for all of your communications with the Bank, but particularly for any email containing NPI.

Information delivered through unencrypted email or fax is sent via public communication medium and is at risk of interception. Customers should consider this risk and consult their own policies and procedures concerning the use of these electronic communication mediums. Because the Bank provides secure email encryption (ZIX), by using a public communication medium customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Bankers Trust from any liability which results there from. For more information regarding ZIX, please consult a banker.

Electronic Transmittal of Customer Info