Family Cash Card Frequently Asked Questions

​Q: What is the Family Cash Card and how does it work?
A: The Family Cash Card is a reloadable spending card that can generally be used anywhere Visa® is accepted. It is a prepaid card and, as such, you can spend no more than the amount loaded to it. The Family Cash Card is different than a debit card because it does not directly access a checking or savings account, and it is different than a credit card because it doesn’t have a line of credit.

Q: Who can sign up for the card?
A: Any current Bankers Trust debit card customer is eligible to sign up for the Family Cash Card. If you’re not currently a customer of Bankers Trust, consider coming into one of our convenient branch locations or visiting us online at to open an account today!

Q: Where can I use my Family Cash Card?
A: You can generally use your Family Cash Card to make purchases anywhere you see the Visa logo. Your Family Cash Card can also be used to withdraw cash from an ATM.  Network and Bank rules restrict the following transactions on the Family Cash Card:
• Internet gambling
• Hotel and motel rentals
• Car rentals
• Pay-at-the-pump fuel purchases
Additionally, the sponsor may elect to be notified when the cardholder makes a questionable purchase.

Q: Can a sponsor set up multiple cardholders?
A: Yes. A sponsor may establish separate accounts for up to four cardholders. Each cardholder will receive a unique card number. Sponsors will be able to add money and monitor each account separately.

Q: Are there any fees associated with using the Bankers Trust Family Cash Card?
A: There are no fees for ordering or loading a Family Cash Card, however you could be subject to the following fees:
• Lost or stolen card replacement: $15.00/card
• Expediting fee (card or PIN): $50/card or PIN
• Inactive card (no activity for three consecutive statement periods): $5.00/month
• International ATM withdrawal fee: $3.00/withdrawal
• International service charge: .80-1% of transaction (assessed by Visa on international transactions)
• ATM surcharge: Charged by the ATM operator or network and varies

Using the Family Cash Card

Q: Can I use my Family Cash Card to make a purchase that is larger than the balance on the card?
A: No, you cannot access more than the available balance on your Family Cash Card. However, if you know your available balance before you make a purchase, you can request to pay the balance of your purchase by other means.

Q: Can the card ever have a negative balance?
A: Yes, however only in rare circumstances. Generally a merchant verifies the cardholder’s balance at the time of purchase. In those cases when the purchase amount exceeds the card’s balance, the transaction will generally be declined. Occasionally, a merchant processes a purchase without first verifying the available balance. In those cases, if the purchase amount is greater than the available balance on the card, the posting of the transaction will result in a negative balance for the cardholder. Please refer to the Visa Family Cash Card Disclosure for information regarding the Bank’s right of offset.

Q: Who can check the available balance on the Family Cash Card?
A: Either the sponsor or cardholder can access the available balance through the Web site or by calling 1-866-696-5213. The balance is also available through a balance inquiry at the ATM. The financial institution that owns the ATM may impose a fee for a balance inquiry.

Q: How can I track my spending?
A: You can review the balance, current account activity, or prior month’s statements online by logging in at and selecting Family Cash Card from the Personal drop down menu under “Login to Account.”

Q: What is the difference between authorized and completed (“posted”) purchase transactions?
A: At the time of your purchase, the merchant sends a request to us to determine the available balance on your Family Cash Card. This is referred to as an authorization. Authorizations result in a hold, which reduces your available balance. A hold remains in effect until the completed purchase transaction is received from the merchant or the hold drops off.

A completed purchase transaction is the final transaction the merchant has sent through for posting to your card. Sometimes the final amount of the completed transaction is different from the initially-authorized amount. For example, the tip may change the amount in restaurants, or shipping and handling charges may change the amount in a mail or Internet order. We only post the final amount of the completed transaction sent by the merchant to your card.

Q: Can I use my Family Cash Card at an ATM?
A: Yes, you can. You will use your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and select “checking withdrawal” to withdraw cash from an ATM machine. The owner of the ATM may impose a fee, which must be disclosed to you before you complete the transaction. You can decide whether to authorize the fee and continue the transaction, or to cancel the transaction.

About the Web Site

Q: Which Family Cash Card account functions can a sponsor perform on the Family Cash Card Web site?
A: The sponsor can sign up a cardholder or contributor, add/remove funds, set up allowance schedules, setup account options and view card activity and statement history. A sponsor can also change his or her own password and email address.
In addition, if a cardholder or contributor forgets their user name, they will need to contact the sponsor. Only the sponsor will have the ability to view user names online. The sponsor is then responsible for informing the cardholder or contributor of their unique user name.

Q: Which Family Cash Card functions can a cardholder perform on the Family Cash Card Web site?
A: A cardholder can view the available balance, current account activity and prior months’ statements. A cardholder can also change his or her password or email address. A cardholder cannot add money to the card.

Q: Can the identical user name be assigned to members of the same family?
A: No. Each person enrolled in the Family Cash Card program must have a unique user name.

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Q: Can the cardholder select his or her own PIN?
A: The cardholder will be prompted to select his/her PIN when calling into the customer service line to activate the Family Cash Card.

Q: What if I forget my PIN?
A: To request a PIN reminder be mailed, call 1-866-696-5213.
Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

Q: What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?
A: If your Family Cash Card has been lost or stolen, the sponsor or the cardholder can report it online through the Family Cash Card site after the user signs in. When reporting a card lost or stolen, cardholders and sponsors have the option of requesting a new card issued with a new card number. All settings, allowance schedules and balances will be transferred to the new card. All transactions on the old card will be declined. There is a $15.00 replacement fee for the new card.

Customer Service

Q: What are my rights if I dispute a charge on my statement?
A: Please refer to the online Visa Family Cash Card Disclosure for transaction dispute procedures.

Q: Whom do I call with questions relating to my Family Cash Card?
A: You can call the Family Cash Card customer service line at 1-866-696-5213. The line is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Family Cash Card Contributor

Q: What is a contributor?
A: A contributor is someone—typically a friend or family member, such as a grandparent— who can go online and add money to a cardholder’s card. A sponsor is able to establish contributors for their cardholder’s account by enrolling family and friends through the Web site. When a sponsor enrolls a contributor for multiple cardholders in the family, the contributor will be given one user name and password to access all of the cardholder cards online.

Q: How can a contributor fund the Family Cash Card?
A: A contributor will need to fund the Family Cash Card through the Web site and the funding will be processed via Automated Clearing House (ACH) debit from the contributors designated bank account. If the contributor is a Bankers Trust customer, they also have the option of transferring funds using their Bankers Trust debit card.