Letters of Credit

Expedite Your Customer’s International Receivables, Payments and Shipments

​When you team up with Bankers Trust to issue letters of credit for your customers, they enjoy faster handling of payments made internationally to and from suppliers or buyers. As a result, they also benefit from streamlined import and export shipments and reduced financial risk related to doing business internationally.

Import Letter of Credit
Facilitates your customer’s payments to foreign suppliers; assures that the terms of the purchase are fulfilled.

Export Letter of Credit
Facilitates payment to your customers for goods and services sold; reduces international payment risk; assures that the terms of the sale are fulfilled.

Standby Letter of Credit
Bankers Trust will issue Letters of Credit on your customer’s behalf or will receive Letters of Credit on their behalf to protect international or domestic business transactions by requiring the issuing bank to pay a specific sum on demand when certain conditions in an agreement or contract have not been met. Can also be used to secure bid and performance bonds, support self-insurance and reinsurance activities, and secure open account payment terms. 

Banker’s Acceptance
Provides financing to facilitate payment for your customer’s short-term international trade activities; can be used to finance imports and/or exports with foreign countries; gives you the opportunity to offer attractive trading terms to your customer’s buyers.

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