Pandemic Response

Supporting team members

In March 2020, it became clear the coronavirus would impact the way we all work, learn and live our daily lives. With tested business continuity and pandemic preparedness plans in hand, Bankers Trust swiftly prepared more than 400 team members to work from home. This was a monumental and coordinated effort by the bank’s Technology, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications, Facilities and Financial Intelligence teams.2020AR Pandemic 03 300x300

Within days – and without interruptions in service – a majority of Bankers Trust team members were safely and securely working from their home offices, spare bedrooms and dining rooms.

At the same time, the bank’s Crisis Management team and others gathered to distribute personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies, and retrofitted workstations and branch facilities to create a safer environment for team members and customers. We also responded with additional paid time off benefits and childcare subsidies for employees.

As summer arrived, the bank implemented its return-to-workplace plan, slowly returning team members to their workplaces and finding a balanced approach to providing service to our customers within the branches. We also developed and implemented a return-to-learn plan, focused on helping parents with school-age children adapt to the needs of at home learning. The bank regularly sought employee input to develop its pandemic response and to ensure it met team members’ needs.

Supporting customers

In tandem with our efforts to support team members and adapt operations due to the pandemic, Bankers Trust also quickly adjusted to meet customer needs. We realized COVID-19 would change the way customers were able to interact with us, so we created a variety of resources to help them do their banking when they couldn’t go to the bank. Customers appreciated knowing more about how to bank online, via our mobile app, over the phone, in drive-up lanes and at ATMs. We made it easier for customers to sign documents electronically and, in some cases, we even worked with customers to sign loan documents in non-traditional locations.

2020AR PPP 01 600x300Perhaps most importantly, we supported customers who were struggling to make loan payments because their employment or income were negatively impacted due to the pandemic.

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) served as a lifeline to many businesses and nonprofits that struggled due to the pandemic. Understanding this, Bankers Trust assembled an incredible team of employees from across the bank to develop our application process, create a website, train employees, pilot the program and then launch it – all within three days.2020AR PPP 02 600x300

In total, Bankers Trust issued nearly 1,000 loans for $317 million and helped positively impact more than 25,000 jobs in the markets we serve. The bank received the SBA Impact Award from the Iowa District office of the Small Business Administration for handling the highest volume of PPP loans of any bank in Iowa.

Whether our support was in the form of a banking product or service, or simply a listening ear and helpful advice, Bankers Trust continued to support individual and business customers throughout the year.

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