2021 Annual Report

“Resilience, with a focus on deepening relationships, made a significant difference.”

Don Coffin, CEO and President, Bnakers Trust

Bankers Trust had yet another successful year. But what I am most proud of doesn’t have a metric — our resilience. Our team members were resourceful and went to great lengths to meet customers’ needs in this second year of the pandemic, and the bank’s financial strength enabled us to make investments to support our operations, our customers, and our communities. In short, resilience, with a focus on deepening relationships, made a significant difference.

2021AR TotalAssets 300x300For more than a century, Bankers Trust’s resilience has been building, enabling team members to serve and support our customers and communities through historic ups and downs. We have focused on building strong relationships with our customers and communities — with trust, integrity, and outstanding service at the center. These qualities, along with the bank’s stability and focus on the fundamentals, enabled us to support customers throughout 2021 as they reset, rebuilt, and returned to a sense of relative normalcy during the ongoing pandemic.

Bankers Trust advanced our strategic priorities of improving the customer experience, focusing on smart growth, optimizing our work, and investing in our premier workplace. Our progress in these areas helped us2021AR NetIncome 300x300 respond more quickly and adapt to meet customers where they were, as many experienced rapid shifts in their cash flow and credit needs while they regained momentum. Team members returned to the office and continued to step up for our customers and each other. Our success is not possible without our employees, and we continue to support them with career development, work-life balance, mental health resources, and other opportunities that help make the bank a place people want to work.

2021AR CombinedAssets 300x300As a result of these efforts, Bankers Trust’s total assets grew to $6.0 billion, and we achieved $51.9 million in net income. Combined assets rose by $205 million. Bankers Trust was recognized as the “Best Bank” and “Best Commercial Lender” in Central Iowa for the seventh consecutive year, and our Phoenix location reached a milestone in becoming a $1 billion bank. While many differentiators contribute to the bank’s success — longevity, service, security, technology, and relationships — in 2021, it was our resilience that helped us fulfill the Bankers Trust Difference.

In Memoriam2021AR JohnRuan 300x300

In 2021, we mourned the loss of Chairman Emeritus John Ruan III and honored his legacy and lasting impact on Bankers Trust. Thanks to the Ruan family and the bank’s strong succession planning, his son, John Ruan IV, was named Chairman of the Board. This signals the Ruan family’s commitment to keeping the bank privately held and ensuring our continued independence as a community bank.

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