At Bankers Trust, we understand that an individual’s health is the cornerstone of a happy and productive team member. That is why we offer a robust wellness program designed to inspire our employees to embrace healthier lives. Our wellness program encourages overall well being, including physical, mental and financial wellness through education, incentives, teamwork and healthy activities. Some features of our wellness program include:

Personalized wellness

Bankers Trust offers annual health screenings, flu shots and personalized wellness programs to ensure all team members have a strong foundation for a healthy life.

Wellness education

Through our partnerships with health and wellness experts, we regularly offer seminars to keep our employees up-to-date on of health trends and engaged in their personal wellness journey.

Wellness incentives

We encourage our team members to be active participants in their wellness journey. To help them achieve this goal, we provide incentives for obtaining preventative care, participating in wellness education, and achieving activity goals that promote healthy lifestyles.