Bill Pay FAQ

Bill Pay Upgrade FAQ

How do I search for a specific payee?

From the ‘Pay Many’ tab, you can view five payees at a time. To search for a specific payee, use the ‘Find a payee’ search feature at the top right of the screen. The search is dynamic and brings up matches as you type. You can find the payee and type in the amount and date for the payment you want to make, then search another and do the same if you are sending multiple payments. Then click “Make Payments” to send them.















How can I see the full list of payees?

If you want to see all your payees, you must adjust the view to All near the top center of both pay tabs. You can change the order in which payees are displayed by clicking on Pay To to sort alphabetically by name or Coming Due to sort payees by payment due date. Then use the scroll bar to view your payee list.
















Can I create a custom view on the ‘Pay Many’ tab?

The view defaults to showing All payees, but you can choose which payees you want to see by creating a custom view. Click the View and select Add custom view. You can create multiple custom views and manage your custom views.
















Why can I only see four payees on the ‘Pay One’ tab?

On the ‘Pay One’ tab, only four payees will display at a time. Use the horizontal scroll bar to view other payees.














Where can I locate Reports?

To the right of the main bill pay section click on the More tab.  It now displays in a separate pop-up window with a chart (see example below).







You can hide the chart temporarily, but the system will not save that setting. The next time you access the reports (opening a pop-up window), the chart is present again and is no longer hidden. Click the View to see the options or create custom reports.






























How do I pull a report by Payee?

To pull a report by Payee, click on the Payee name and select ‘View Payment History’. A separate window will open to display a chart and the previous payments. Only the most recent payment will appear below the chart. The window cannot be resized. You can hide the chart, but it will reappear again if you navigate back to it later on.