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Our Investment and Trust Services

Investor Education Center

An Introduction

Some investors believe that it is important to maintain control over their investments, confident that they can make informed decisions. Yet, understandably, in today's environment, they are often confused about where to find reliable information. Other investors, less confident of their investment skills, believe that it's wise to turn to financial advisors for trustworthy asset management.

As a corporate fiduciary, we're dedicated to helping investors of all mindsets achieve their goals. Of course, we also provide traditional trust services, such as administering estates and managing trust funds for young or inexperienced beneficiaries. Our primary function, however, is helping people like yourself turn financial success into financial security.

Market researchers tell us that the general public doesn't fully understand our asset-management services. Let us take this opportunity, then, to introduce you to what we do and how we do it.

Typically, we serve our asset-management clients as investment agent or as trustee under a revocable trust agreement. In practice, however, each of our clients is "special." We fit our services to the needs of the client. For example, you might need little more than a reliable source of investment bookkeeping today, but you might wish a much broader array of asset-management services when you retire and have new money to invest.

Essentially, the varied tasks that we perform for our clients fall into four categories:

Asset management. Clients look to us to help them develop investment strategies that fit their current income needs as well as assess their goals for the future and their tolerance for market risks. We're also equipped to implement these strategies for them. Some ask us to submit specific investment recommendations for their approval. Others -- including those who travel a lot or have especially demanding careers -- authorize us to make investment decisions on their behalf.

Granting one's investment advisor full discretion is not something one does lightly these days. Because we charge moderate annual fees for our work, rather than relying on sales commissions, our clients know that they can count on us to act in their best interests.

When we talk about "trustworthy asset management," we mean that each and every member of our staff observes two cardinal rules. Rule One: Our client's interests always come first. Rule Two: If anyone is considering any exceptions, see Rule One.

Good financial housekeeping. We handle all the details that are related to purchases and sales of securities. We provide safekeeping. We disburse or reinvest investment income promptly. We keep accurate, comprehensive investment records and submit periodic statements to our clients. We watch for bond calls and handle redemptions promptly. We...but you get the idea. Our tradition of trusteeship makes us rigorous believers in the need to attend to the detail work of investing. Some clients who first came to us merely to receive these relatively routine services now draw upon our asset-management capabilities as well.

Special services. Many of our clients look to us for a variety of special services when and as they need them: Payment of household bills. Payment of quarterly estimated taxes. Arranging for preparation of annual tax returns. Older clients often authorize us to step in and provide full personal financial management in the event that they become mentally or physically incapacitated. Even when this alternative to a court-ordered conservatorship is not needed, it contributes to one's financial peace of mind.

Traditional trust and estate services. Finally, our clients can draw upon our traditional trust and estate services. No other type of asset-management firm can offer this kind of continuity from generation to generation. Only a trust institution such as ours can help you preserve personal financial security for life, then administer your estate and look after funds that you leave in trust for others in the family, or for charitable purposes.

When billionaires become billionaires, often they create and staff their own family financial offices. That's fine, but only if you possess the megawealth to justify the high cost. Perhaps the best way to visualize our approach to personalized asset management is to picture us as a similar office -- one that serves many individuals and families and so can provide its services at quite moderate cost.

Whether you are an investor who just wants reliable, informed advice about the choices available to you, or someone who expects that an investment manager should be making the important decisions, we have a service tailored specifically to your circumstances.

We invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience about our investment and trust services. You'll be pleased to find a wide array of products and services to meet your needs. - © 2006 M.A. Co. All rights reserved.

Any developments occurring after January 31, 2006, are not reflected in this article.​

Note: Non-Deposit Investment Services are not insured by FDIC or any government agency and are not bank guaranteed. They are not deposits and may lose value.