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Bankers Trust

Bankers Trust
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Separately Managed Accounts

Personal Wealth Management

Separately Managed Accounts

BTC Wealth Management provides access to top institutional investment manager worldwide through Separately Managed Accounts. This service gives you the benefits of professional money management without the drawbacks of participating in pooled investment fund.

With Separately Managed Accounts, you retain direct ownership of individual stocks and bonds, which are traded on your behalf by an institutional money manager. Because your investments are not pooled, you have more ability to influence how your account is managed. This has important implications on performance, tax efficiency, and the desire to avoid concentrated holdings.

We serve as your partner, helping appropriate institutional money managers to fill out your portfolio structure. Our Investment Management Group, working in conjunction with independent analysts, screens money managers for those that that display appropriate characteristics for our clients' portfolios.

We are able to provide Separately Managed Accounts for several styles and strategies, including:

  • Balanced
  • All Cap Equity
  • Global
  • Global Equity
  • U.S.Large-Cap
  • U.S. Mid-Cap
  • U.S. Small-Cap
  • International
    Fixed Income
  • Taxable Low Duration
  • Taxable Medium Duration
  • Taxable High Yield
  • Tax-Exempt Municipal
  • Real Estate

For more information about Private Client Investment Management, we invite you to contact:

Dave Jackson 
Investment Management Consultant
(515) 245-5655

Note: Non-Deposit Investment Services are not insured by FDIC or any government agency and are not bank guaranteed. They are not deposits and may lose value.​