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ESOP Services


ESOP Services

The BTC ESOP Services Group has provided ESOP trust services since 1981. We have extensive experience providing fiduciary services for ESOP transactions, as well as, trustee and custody services for ongoing relationships. Our ESOP professionals average over 20 years of experience servicing retirement plan and ESOP clients.

BTC ESOP Services has the experience to provide services for a wide variety of ESOPs, including leveraged and non-leveraged plans, S corporation plans and Section 1042 transactions. We can act as a discretionary trustee, directed trustee, non-discretionary trustee or custodian. Our ESOP appointments are split evenly between transactional trust services (initial transactions, staged transactions, stock sales) and ongoing trust relationships.

In an ESOP transaction our primary responsibilities are to:

  • Conduct a thorough due diligence review of the company.
  • Review and approve all transaction documents.
  • Review and approve the ESOP stock valuation report provided by the trustee's independent financial expert.
  • Safeguard ESOP assets which includes holding in custody the shares of company stock and non-stock investments.
  • Execute all transaction documents on behalf of the ESOP.
  • Complete the transaction within the time frame established.

For an ongoing ESOP trust and custody relationship our primary responsibilities are to:

  • Annually engage the services of an independent financial expert to value the company stock held by the ESOP.
  • Review and analyze the stock valuation report before it is released to the client and other ESOP professionals.
  • Coordinate plan contributions and make ESOP loan payments for leveraged ESOP's.
  • Coordinate participant distributions per the ESOP document and current laws and regulations.
  • Provide individual tax forms for all distributions to participants.
  • Represent the ESOP trust at shareholder meetings.
  • Be an informed "shareholder" and understand the overall company direction, financial health, and future goals, plans and projections.
  • Coordinate activities so the ESOP meets all current laws, regulations and guidelines.
  • Vote the ESOP shares as necessary.
  • Conduct ESOP participant meetings.
  • Process participant distribution checks and prepare individual tax forms.

We coordinate our ESOP fiduciary services with the services provided by your recordkeeper/administrator to ensure your ESOP receives the highest quality service.

Why Engage an Independent ESOP Fiduciary

​An ESOP fiduciary, legally, must act solely in the best interests of the ESOP participants and their beneficiaries. BTC ESOP Services can materially reduce some of your personal fiduciary liability by acting as the independent fiduciary. An independent fiduciary will help alleviate the conflicting responsibilities of individual shareholders and/or company executives as they try to balance their personal interests as an individual shareholder, their responsibility as a company officer and their fiduciary obligations to safeguard the best interests of the ESOP participants. Our clients are relieved that they don't have that conflicting burden and they find they can better focus their attention on running their business.

Corporate Governance
BTC ESOP Services takes an active role in staying current on the condition and health of the company, but our role is to act as the ESOP trustee and "informed shareholder", and not to oversee or manage the day-to-day activities of the company. We stay involved by reviewing regular financial statements, attending shareholder and board meetings, and holding regular review meetings with the senior management team.​

Geographic Footprint
BTC ESOP Services is a national company and we work with clients from coast-to-coast and border-to-border. We do not limit our services to a certain geographic region of the country 

Our Professional ESOP Partners

BTC ESOP Services partners with a wide variety of regional and national ESOP professionals and providers. All of our partners are experts in their field and are active in the ESOP industry. They deliver the same top-quality service we expect of ourselves.​

Note: Non-Deposit Investment Services are not insured by FDIC or any government agency and are not bank guaranteed. They are not deposits and may lose value.