Iowa Artists Collection

The Bankers Trust Iowa Artists Collection was created in 2016 to promote and support the arts in Central Iowa. A vibrant arts scene strengthens our region, helps us express our values, builds bridges between cultures, and celebrates diversity. These 12 artists represent the immense talent in our communities and the diverse backgrounds of our citizens. Through supporting the arts, we help strengthen the economy, drive tourism, create social impact, and spark creativity and innovation.

2019 Bankers Trust Iowa Artists Collection

Bankers Trust is proud to present its second Iowa Artists Collection in 2019.

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Iowa Artist Collection artists in order from left to right:
Top row: Christopher Chiavetta, Molly Wood, Kim Hutchison, James Ochs
Middle row: Annick Ibsen, Chris Vance, Catherine Dreiss, James Navarro
Bottom row: Mirza Kudic, Mary Muller, Jordan Weber, Fred Easker


Download the brochure to learn more about each artist.