MyPayCard Cardholder Fee Schedule


Fee Description Fee/Frequency
Monthly Card Fee1 (SVC CHG-MONTHLY) $3.50 per month
ATM Transaction Fee2 (SVC CHG WITHDRAWAL) $1.00 each
Email and Mobile Alert Fee (SVC EMAIL ALRT) 5 free per month
Excess of 5 per month $0.25 per month
Mobile Balance Inquiry Fee (SVC MBL ALRT) 5 free per month
Excess of 5 per month $0.25 each
Replacement Fee (SVC CHG REPLACE CARD) $10.00 per card
Cash Advance Fee (SVC CHG CASH ADV) $3.00 each
Expedited Card Request Fee (SVC CHG EXPED CARD) $35.00 per card
Paper Statement Fee (STATEMENT FEE) $3.00 each
Card Closure Fee3 (DR ADJ CRD CLOSE FEE) $20.00 each
Garnishment & Levy Fee (SVC CHG OTHER) $75.00 up to
Bill Pay Transaction Fee4 (BILL PAYMENT) $1.00 each
Bill Pay Stop Payment Fee4 (BILL PAYMENT) $30.00 per item
Bill Pay Proof of Payment4 (BILL PAYMENT) $5.00 per item

1Monthly Card Fee assessed by Bankers Trust may be waived or reduced dependent upon terms with your Employer.

2A transaction fee of $1.00 will be charged to the MyPayCard for each ATM Withdrawal over one per card load at any foreign (non-Bankers Trust) ATM.

3For more information, refer to the Card Contingent on Employment section of the MyPayCard Terms and Conditions.

4You will be notified of an electronic statement available through the MyPayCard Bill Pay which itemizes all of the Bill Pay activity for the statement cycle.​

(Last Revised 06/12)​