Personal Finance Money Management Tool

The Bankers Trust Personal Finance money management tool makes it easy for you to track saving goals, monitor investments and develop a budget. You can even pull in financial information from outside accounts to get a comprehensive picture of your financial situation. The Personal Finance money management tool comes at no additional cost to Bankers Trust customers and is easily accessed through your Internet and Mobile Banking – no additional login necessary!

Benefits of Using the Personal Finance Money Management Tool

  • Monitor all your accounts – Simply link accounts from other financial institutions to provide a complete overview of your financial picture and net worth, including your home equity, real estate and investments.
  • Reach your goals – With Personal Finance’s budget and spending tools, you can better prepare for upcoming expenses and achieve your goals, whether it’s purchasing a home, expanding your family, taking a dream vacation or continuing your education.
  • Track your expenses – Knowing your transaction history is helpful, and breaking down your purchases by category can help you understand where your money is being spent. The spending tool has automated and customizable categories to fit your lifestyle.
  • Receive alerts – The best way to stick to your budget is being able to track your spending, even when you’re on the go. The Personal Finance tool allows you to set up email alerts to let you know when you are close to or exceeding your budget goals.

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