Custody and Corporate Trust

Businesses and institutions of all sizes turn to Bankers Trust for our expertise in providing institutional custody and corporate trust services. We partner with corporations, nonprofits, hospitals, colleges and government agencies to serve the needs for public and private entities across the country. We are large enough and experienced enough to support all your financial needs, yet small enough to give you the personalized service that you have grown to expect.

At Bankers Trust, we pride ourselves on providing a high-level of client service through a one-on-one partnership with you. Individual relationship managers are assigned to each account and monitor activities, balances and compliance requirements daily. Our commitment to relationships means that you receive your relationship manager’s actual phone number and email address. We gladly answer your questions and help each institution reach its financial goals. In fact, our clients have told us that the local feel of our customer service is truly invaluable and an important part of winning and keeping their business.

Corporate Trust Services

Bankers Trust has responded to a growing need for corporate trust services among municipalities, schools, counties, utilities, colleges, hospitals and health facilities. With our experienced staff and advanced systems, we can facilitate even the most complex deal. We offer everything needed to create, complete, and administer an issue along with the extra benefits of streamlined services, personal attention, and competitive costs. We serve our customers’ needs in a variety of ways as:

  • Bond Trustee
  • Successor Trustee
  • Master Trustee
  • Bond Registrar
  • Paying Agent
  • Escrow Agent
  • Collateral Agent
  • Dissemination Agent
  • Tender Agent

We can serve as trustee on a variety of debt issues for both tax-exempt and taxable issues, including:

  • General Obligation Bonds
  • Revenue Bonds
  • Multi-mode Tender Bonds
  • Industrial Development Bonds
  • Certificates of Participation
  • Refundings
  • Credit-enhanced Debt
  • Housing Bonds
  • Health Care Financing
  • Cultural Institution Financing
  • Educational Financing
  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Debentures

  • What is a Corporate Trust?

    A corporate trust is a set of business activities carried about by a bank that acts in a fiduciary capacity for an investor in a particular situation. These services can range from helping issue bonds to servicing public business escrows.

Institutional Custody and Escrow Services

Bankers Trust provides a broad range of custody and escrow services for investment managers, insurance companies, nonprofits, endowments, colleges and universities, hospitals, and other institutional clients. We strive to provide the services needed in today’s investment markets, with the personal service and technology that sets us apart from other providers. As a leading provider of custodial services, we have the scale to be an ideal partner in meeting your organization’s custody needs.

Each custodial relationship is managed by an institutional relationship manager who leads a team of on-site professionals dedicated to providing seamless administrative and accounting services. Whether it is processing account transactions, holding funds in escrow or valuing assets held in a Collective Fund, we are committed to providing the timely and accurate service that you should expect.

Custody Services

  • Stock, Bond, and Mutual Fund Asset Safekeeping
  • Physical and Electronic Document Safekeeping
  • Document Verification
  • Income Collection
  • Corporate Actions Processing
  • Collective Investment Fund Processing
  • Bank Portfolios
  • Bank Trust Departments

Business Escrow Services

  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Business Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Pending Litigation Reserves
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Impoundment
  • Franchises
  • Public and Private Subscription Offerings

  • What are Custody Services?

    Custody services are offered by a custodian which is a financial institution that safeguards a firm’s or individual’s financial assets to minimize the risk of theft or loss. These securities and assets are held in electronic or physical form.

  • What is an Escrow?

    An escrow is a financial arrangement where a third party holds money on the behalf of the transacting parties. The purpose of an escrow account is to ensure your assets are secured without the risk of losing money or merchandise due to fraud. Escrow is often best known in the context of real estate, but can apply to many types of business transactions.

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