Corporate Trust Services

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​Bankers Trust has responded to a growing need for Corporate Trust services among municipalities, schools, counties, utilities, colleges, hospitals and health facilities. Through a variety of products offered from our Corporate Trust department, these entities are better served. We provide services for over $8.5 billion in outstanding debt financings, representing over 3,500 bond issues.​

What is a Corporate Trust?

A corporate trust is a set of business activities carried about by a bank that acts in a fiduciary capacity for an investor in a particular situation. These services can range from helping issue bonds to the public business escrow.

Comprehensive Corporate Trust Services

With our experienced staff and advanced systems, we can facilitate even the most complex deal. We offer everything needed to create, complete, and administer an issue along with the extra benefits of streamlined services, personal attention, and competitive costs. We serve our customers' needs in a variety of ways as:

  • Bond Trustee
  • Successor Trustee
  • Master Trustee
  • Bond Registrar
  • Paying Agent
  • Escrow Agent
  • Collateral Agent
  • Dissemination Agent
  • Tender Agent

Our ability to perform an in-house legal review of the indenture and related documents reduces costs. Through our automated sweep of excess funds into overnight investments, the account earns more. Our fiduciary oversight of the debt issue serves to minimize risk.

We can serve as trustee on a variety of debt issues for both tax-exempt and taxable issues, including:

  • General Obligation Bonds
  • Revenue Bonds
  • Multi-mode Tender Bonds
  • Industrial Development Bonds
  • Certificates of Participation
  • Refundings
  • Credit-enhanced Debt
  • Housing Bonds
  • Health Care Financing
  • Cultural Institution Financing
  • Educational Financing
  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Debentures

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