Improve efficiencies and reduce costs with Integrated Payables

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Corporate payment management continues to evolve and change. Currently, accounts payable departments are often specialized with different staff members handling different types of payments, creating inefficiency. And there is still heavy reliance on paper-based communication and invoicing. Companies are seeking ways to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and increase revenue.

The Integrated Payables solution from Bankers Trust helps you dramatically increase your payment processing efficiency by allowing you to consolidate all payment types into a single, standard-format file. Payment types may include:

  • Virtual Card: Quick, secure, and reliable card-less solution that utilizes a unique single-use card number with a fixed value for each payment to mitigate fraud. Eligible for rebates.
  • ACH: Conveniently create and transmit electronic transfers for vendor and supplier payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network.
  • Check: Remotely process, print, and mail checks on your behalf.

Graphic depicting the benefits of Integrated Payables

Integrated Payables:

  • Simplifies payment processing and allows staff members to focus on more strategic, higher-value assignments.
  • Helps encourage migration¬† from paper checks to more efficient and less expensive electronic payment alternatives, like ACH and cards.
  • Offers increased automation that enables integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounts payable or internal treasury management systems.

Bankers Trust is one of the only banks our size to offer Integrated Payables.

graphic depicting the 10 steps to take to transition to integrated payables Learn more about Treasury Management products and services, or contact the Treasury Management Team to get started.