Card Controls

At Bankers Trust, your financial security is one of our top priorities. Card controls allow you to take your security to the next level, by giving you the flexibility to choose how you restrict or allow access to your Bankers Trust debit and credit cards. Managed through your mobile banking app, card controls are easy to use for one or multiple Bankers Trust cards, and can help you monitor spending, reduce fraud and maintain your finances.

Card Control Features

  • Turn your card on or off – This allows you to disable your card from use if it has been lost or stolen. When the card is turned off, all transactions, with the exception of recurring payments, will be declined.
  • Locations – Block international transactions or assign up to three geographic regions where your card can be used.
  • Transaction types* – You can choose to allow only certain types of transactions, such as in-store, online, ATM, mail/phone order and more.
  • Merchant types* – Select the types of merchants your card can be used at. For example, you could choose to allow purchases at all merchants except restaurants.
  • Spending limits – Set a dollar limit for transactions on your card. When the dollar limit is exceeded, the transaction will be declined.
  • Alerts – You can use alert preferences, tailored to your spending patterns, to notify you of unusual purchases through the app. Alert preferences are divided into four categories: Locations, Merchant Types, Transaction Types and Spending Limits.

*Transaction and merchant types are not determined by Bankers Trust.

Benefits of Card Controls

The Bankers Trust card controls tool provides a number of benefits:

  • Monitor your spending or the spending of minors whose accounts you oversee.
  • Reduce fraud by preventing the card to be used at stores, locations and more that are outside your normal spending habits.
  • Manage your finances by setting a daily dollar limit to help keep your budget in check.

How Card Controls Work

Card controls can be accessed directly from your Bankers Trust mobile app. Once you have logged in to the app, tap on the menu and select Card Controls. This will take you to the main card controls screen, which will show your eligible debit and credit cards, and give you the option to turn the card on or off, or choose other usage settings. Under Preferences, you’ll see options to set specific card controls, including locations, transactions, merchants and spending limits.

Enable Card Controls Today

Log in to your Bankers Trust mobile banking app from your Android or Apple device to begin setting up card controls. To learn more about using this feature, stop by or call your nearest Bankers Trust location.