Treasury Management

The Bankers Trust Treasury Management team works one-on-one with clients to understand their unique business requirements, build long-term relationships and fulfill banking needs, whether simple or sophisticated. Drawing upon our wide array of Treasury Management products and services, we have the tools designed to collect, protect and disburse your business’s funds efficiently and securely. Our experienced bankers will become trusted advisors as we work alongside you to provide the technology, wisdom and support your business requires to remain successful.


Collecting receivables efficiently is key to doing business, and in this process, timeliness and security are critical. Bankers Trust offers a variety of services to ensure your receivables run smoothly, from ACH origination to lockbox and cash services.


When it comes to payables, Bankers Trust has the right mix of disbursement services to help you efficiently manage this side of the balance sheet, too. We offer everything from wire transfers to account reconciliation that help you save time and money while making all your business’s payments an easy, effective process.

Deposit Accounts

Whether it’s a checking account, savings account, or Money Markets, Bankers Trust has a variety of deposit accounts for businesses of all sizes. We also offer sweep accounts that can help your business maximize benefits from your deposits.

Card Services

Bankers Trust provides a variety of Visa® credit card and debit card solutions for businesses of all sizes. Each card option contains features that help make your accounting process more efficient, while simplifying your employees’ purchasing process.

Fraud Mitigation

Security is top of mind for many companies, and it’s a top priority for Bankers Trust. We offer a number of fraud mitigation products and services that reduce your business’s risk of fraud and help you gain peace of mind.

Global Payment Services

No matter the global payment services you need, the Bankers Trust has your business covered. From wire transfers to international cash letters, our range of products can help your global banking processes run smoothly. These services include:

  • Wire transfer and draft services
  • International cash letter
  • Global remittance/funds transfers

Foreign Currency Exchange

Bankers Trust’s foreign currency exchange service takes the hassle out of currency exchange, so you can easily obtain or exchange currencies before or after your international travels. We can exchange U.S. currency into other convertible currencies, or the reverse when needed. If you have an account with us, you can visit any of our branches to take advantage of this service.

Global Banking FAQ

When it comes to doing business internationally, we know you have a lot of questions. See some of the most commonly asked questions and find our answers in our handy FAQ.

Find answers to Global Banking’s frequently asked questions.

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