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Bankers Trust provides a variety of Visa® credit card and debit card solutions for businesses of all sizes. In today’s environment, it’s important to have tools that make running your business easier. Each card option from Bankers Trust contains features that helpVisa 1color make your accounting process more efficient, while simplifying your employees’ purchasing process. Many of our credit card and debit card options come with added benefits such as online account access that enables you to easily monitor spending, set up custom limits and mitigate fraud.

All business credit cards and debit cards include:

Credit Cards

Business Select Credit Cards

Created especially for small businesses, the Business Select Credit Card simplifies purchasing and helps manage cash flow and spending. You can select the credit line for each card issued, and up to five cards may be issued per company. With one rate for purchases and cash, you’ll have the flexibility to use your credit line however you decide. Choose between corporate and individual billing, and enjoy other features, including the ability to:

  • Make larger purchases – Access your card as a line of credit for purchases such as inventory or new equipment.
  • Save time and avoid late charges – Set up automatic payments from your Bankers Trust business checking account at no additional charge.
  • Reduce risk of fraud and misuse – Monitor transactions and manage your accounts online.

Business Credit Cards

Suitable for businesses of all sizes, the Bankers Trust Business Credit Card helps employees make purchases more efficiently and provides your company with a detailed statement for auditing and expense tracking. You determine which employee receives a company credit card, individual credit limits and cash access, and whether you prefer individual or corporate billing.

  • Monitor and manage accounts – Online account access allows you to change credit limits, close or request a new account, review transactions, and more.
  • Save time, avoid late fees – Choose to have your payments paid automatically.
  • Earn rewards – Select the optional rewards program to earn points that can be redeemed for gifts, travel, merchandise, and more.

Purchasing Credit Cards

Purchasing credit cards are an ideal purchasing solution for mid- to large-size businesses wanting to streamline procurement and the expense report process. With customized spending controls, purchasing credit cards can help reduce operating costs and better control spending. The Visa® Purchasing Credit Card program is customized to your specific needs for authorizing, tracking, purchasing, and reconciliation.

With eZCard, cardholders can review, reclassify, split, add mileage and other out-of-pocket expenses, and submit expense reports online. Then through our eZBusiness administration site, designated individuals can approve individual expense reports. Program administrators can review individual cardholder usage, manage user profiles, change credit limits, close accounts, and conduct General Ledger extract reporting. This card program provides additional features such as:

  • Reduced operating costs and expenses – Eliminates the need for purchasing orders, and creates one consolidated, automatic monthly payment when related to postage, printing and reconciliation.
  • Better control spending – You select the credit line for each employee, control cash access, and determine the types of merchants at which purchases can be made.
  • Streamline program management – Through your online account access, simply manage cards and the expense report process.

Debit Cards

Business Advantage Debit Cards

The Bankers Trust Business Advantage Debit Cards enable you to set different limits for each of your cardholders. These cards are a secure and convenient way to manage your money and can be instantly issued from our branch locations. Online account access also allows you to monitor and mitigate fraudulent transactions in real-time, making Business Advantage Debit Cards both secure and convenient. Other features of this card include:

  • Cash withdrawal can be turned off by card
  • Convenience for employees to make instant purchases and have the amount debited directly from a business checking account
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring to mitigate fraudulent transactions


MyPayCard is a prepaid Visa debit card that’s packed with powerful benefits for both employers and employees. A great alternative to direct deposit payroll, MyPayCard helps employers reduce costs, be more efficient and diminish the risk of check fraud. Employees enjoy the time and money savings, as well as enhanced security features.

Benefits for Employers

  • Improved direct deposit participation, and no work disruptions for employees wanting to leave to cash their checks
  • Fewer checks to purchase, issue, and reconcile, which reduces the risk of fraud
  • Administrator access to create cardholder accounts online

Benefits for Employees

  • Eliminates the time and money associated with cashing a check
  • Increases safety with less cash in pocket and FDIC insurance
  • Bill payment available to pay items such as rent, utilities, and loan payments
  • Email and text alerts available

* MyPayCard is available in Central Iowa only

Gift Cards

Show your employees how much you appreciate their work by rewarding them with a Bankers Trust Visa Gift Card! Keep several on hand and be ready to give caught-in-the-act rewards for going above and beyond. When you order in bulk, you can request custom-embossed messages such as “Thank You” or “Happy Holidays.”

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