Fraud Mitigation

When it comes to banking for your business, you want to do more than hope your accounts are safe. You want to trust that the security of your accounts is as important to your bank as it is to you. At Bankers Trust, financial safety is a top priority. That’s why we offer a variety of fraud mitigation products and other resources to help you reduce losses by limiting fraud exposure. Our tools enable you to:

  • Identify suspicious transactions, allowing you to review and then approve or return the transactions.
  • Control who can debit your accounts via ACH.
  • Reduce the chance of fraudulent checks and ACH debits being posted to your account.

How We Can Help Reduce Your Business’s Risk of Fraud

Positive Pay

Positive Pay reduces fraud by validating checks presented to your account. Our system automatically matches the items against your check issued to detect items such as:

  • Stale dated checks
  • Encoding errors
  • Duplicate serial numbers
  • Voided checks
  • Checks with an altered amount
  • Checks with an altered payee (with optional payee validation)

Bankers Trust also offers ACH Positive Pay, which allows you to choose which companies can submit ACH debits to your accounts and dollar amount maximums. 

Check Block

Prevent checks from posting to accounts that are used exclusively for deposits and electronic transactions.

Advanced Login Authentication

With advanced login authentication, you receive functionality that provides an additional layer of security to safeguard your information and protect your business accounts. Bankers Trust also requires the use of token authentication as an extra measure of security for Business Internet Banking customers who electronically send funds out of the bank.  We offer physical token fobs as well as software tokens that provide the added convenience of using an app installed on your mobile device.

Secure your business’s bank accounts

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