Paying vendors, bills and employees is an everyday part of running a business, so the process shouldn’t slow you down. Bankers Trust offers a variety of payables-related services that can help your business save time and money. View our wide range of services below, or contact us to discuss how our professionals can help your business.

ACH Originations

ACH originations help you better control your cash flow and provide convenience and security for customers, vendors, and employees. The ACH network allows for convenient electronic financial transactions between financial institutions throughout the United States, enabling you to:

  • Expedite availability of funds
  • Realize cost savings
  • Enjoy a secure and efficient electronic process
  • Control cash management

Same-Day ACH

Bankers Trust also enables Same-Day ACH, which builds upon the ACH network’s existing next-day settlement functionality and provides same-day processing and settlement of ACH transactions. This allows your business to make payments and move funds faster, enabling you to better manage your cash flow. Same-Day ACH is often used for:

  • Faster settlement of invoice payments between trading partners
  • Expedited bill payments
  • Same-day payroll for hourly workers, and flexibility in late/emergency payrolls

Integrated Payables

The Integrated Payables solution from Bankers Trust helps you dramatically increase your payment processing efficiency by allowing you to consolidate all payment types – Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions, commercial card payments and checks – into a single, standard-format file. Integrated Payables:

  • Simplifies payment processing, allowing staff members to focus on higher-value assignments
  • Encourages migration from paper checks to more efficient and less expensive electronic payment alternatives
  • Offers increased automation and integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounts payable or internal treasury management systems

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers create one of the fastest, most secure ways to do business for same-day credit, receipt and cash concentration. Our domestic and international wire transfer features include:

  • Transfer funds to any financial institution globally
  • Specify same-day or future settlement options
  • Exceptionally secure
  • International Wire Transfers: (515) 247-2125, Option 1

Account Reconciliation

Whether your systems are fully automated or paper-based, you’ll enjoy the ease and convenience of Bankers Trust’s account reconciliation plans. Each of our options will reduce staff time spent reconciling accounts, improve your ability to audit and monitor account activity and match delivery of information and accounts to your accounting cycle. We offer three account reconciliation options:

  • Paid (or Partial) Reconciliation
  • Full Reconciliation
  • Deposit Reconciliation

Image Transaction Services

Bankers Trust Image Transaction Services easily allow you to integrate data and images to your accounting and customer service systems. This enables your company to respond faster when customers inquire about checks because you don’t have to sort through sequenced checks. Some benefits include:

  • Respond to customer inquiries faster
  • High-quality images
  • Easy-to-magnify endorsement and clearing information

We can also electronically record your checks and deposits on CD-ROM, which will be delivered to you monthly.

Card Services

We provide a variety of Visa® credit card and debit card solutions for your business’s purchasing, payroll and recognition needs. No matter the size of your business, we have card options that allow customization and easy processing. Some benefits include:

  • Simplify employees’ purchasing process
  • Set custom limits
  • Manage fraud with real-time monitoring and/or EMV technology

Business Online Payroll

Pay employees and keep abreast of ever-changing employer regulations with Bankers Trust’s Business Online Payroll services. This service helps you save time and manage your payroll more efficiently.

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