Business Banking

Bankers Trust is committed to helping communities flourish by offering lending solutions to small businesses. We embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship and understand the importance of small businesses to our society and our economy. As Iowa’s largest community bank, Bankers Trust is able to be a constant resource for growth, and we provide the proactive expertise to help meet your small business’s banking and lending needs, including:

  • Providing working capital
  • Purchasing equipment
  • Purchasing, renovating, expanding, and constructing owner-occupied real estate
  • Buying out a partner or partners
  • Transitioning ownership to the next generation
  • Acquiring a business
  • Supporting export sales

With a commitment to offering quality service, Bankers Trust also provides benefits including a fast and efficient loan application and approval process, clear and transparent communication and the peace of mind knowing your small business’s finances are secure.

Bankers Trust is an SBA Preferred Lender

Along with our commitment to entrepreneurs and businesses in our community, we offer flexible business lending, such as SBA guaranteed loans. Bankers Trust is an active participant in the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) lending program and has earned preferred lender status for SBA loans. SBA loan programs enables Bankers Trust to offer government guaranteed loans for small businesses with loans involving a higher element of risk, where there may be a collateral shortfall or repayment is based on projected income. As a preferred lender, Bankers Trust is among the SBA’s best lenders to enjoy a full delegation of lending authority. This means that the SBA has given us the authority to make the final credit decision, often resulting in a faster loan process for your small business. This means that, no matter the SBA loan you are interested in, you can be certain that we have the expertise and skill to help.

What is SBA Lending?

The U.S. Small Business Administration provides SBA government guarantee lending programs to for-profit businesses that meet the SBA’s eligibility requirements. The SBA’s lending programs help small businesses secure loans for up to $5 million, and can be used for a variety of business growth and expansion needs.

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