MyPayCard Frequently Asked Questions for Employees

What is MyPayCard?

Q: Is MyPayCard like a credit card?
A: No, the MyPayCard is a prepaid, stored value product. There is no line of credit associated with the MyPayCard. You can only spend the value on the card.

Q: How do I activate MyPayCard?
A: Your MyPayCard must be activated by calling the Customer Care Center at 1-866-255-9849. You will use the last four digits of your Social Security number to activate the card. Once the MyPayCard has been activated, you will be asked to select a new four digit personal identification number (PIN) for use with your MyPayCard.

Q: Can I use MyPayCard at an ATM?
A: Yes, you can use your MyPayCard to access funds at an ATM. ATM withdrawals made at most Bankers Trust ATMs are free. You may access a list of Bankers Trust ATMs by clicking on the Resource and Contact Information on the MyPayCard Web site. Please check the MyPayCard Terms and Conditions for any fees that may apply when using a non-Bankers Trust ATM. If you use a non-Bankers Trust ATM to access your funds, or to make an inquiry, the owner or operator of that terminal may charge you a fee, in addition to any transaction fees that may be assessed by Bankers Trust.

Q: When I make a withdrawal at an ATM using my MyPayCard what account type do I select?
A: You will always select checking account for ATM transactions.

Q: Will I receive a statement each month for the transactions on my MyPayCard account?
A: A paper monthly statement will not be provided unless you specify via your online account that you would like to receive monthly statements in the mail. Refer to the MyPayCard Terms and Conditions for applicable fees. Electronic statements are available at no charge when you access your account online. After logging in, click the “Statement” hyperlink in the left-hand menu. Additionally, you may obtain the transaction history on your MyPayCard by telephoning toll free 1-866-255-9849.

Q: How do I update my address and personal information?
A: Your employer can update your personal information on your MyPayCard including your: name, address, and telephone number.


​Q: How do I set up text message alerts for MyPayCard?
A: You will be able to set up various text alerts for your MyPayCard via your online account. Refer to the MyPayCard Terms and Conditions for applicable fees.

Q: How can I review my MyPayCard transaction activity?
A: You can call the Customer Care Center toll free at 1-866-255-9849 or view your balance and transaction information online. Additionally you can access an electronic statement after logging into your online MyPayCard account. After logging in, click the “Statement” hyperlink in the left-hand menu.

Q: Can I change my MyPayCard Personal Identification Number (PIN)?
A: Yes, you can change your MyPayCard PIN by calling the Customer Care Center toll free at 1-866-255-9849 or online.

Funds and Balances

Q: How do I check the balance and activity on MyPayCard?
A: You can obtain this information several ways, including:
• Calling the Customer Care Center toll free at 1-866-255-9849
• Accessing your balance and activity information via your online account.
• Setting up text message balance alerts (see the MyPayCard Terms and Conditions for applicable fees)
• Completing a balance inquiry (choose checking) at an ATM

Q: Can I add funds to MyPayCard?
A: No, only your employer can add payroll, incentive, or expense reimbursement funds to the MyPayCard.

Q: When is my payroll deposited to my MyPayCard?
A: Your paycheck will be deposited into your MyPayCard account on the date of payroll distribution.

Q: When is my money available on my MyPayCard?
A: Your payroll funds will be immediately available for withdrawal or to complete purchases with the MyPayCard on your normal paycheck distribution date.


Q: Can I get cash back at a point-of-sale (POS) terminal with my MyPayCard and is there a fee for doing so?
A: You can receive cash back up to your available balance. Keep in mind some merchants limit the amount of cash back. Bankers Trust does not charge a fee for this feature; however, you may incur a fee by the merchant.

Q: Are there limits on how much I can spend with my card?
A: Your MyPayCard is a prepaid debit card, which means you can make purchases and withdrawals based on your MyPayCard available balance. There are also daily limits based on the types of transactions. The current daily limits are:

• ATM cash withdrawal $550
• Point-of-sale transaction (PIN-based) $550
• Point-of-sale transaction (signature-based) $2,500
• Cash Advance $1,500
• A complete list of limits can be found in the MyPayCard Terms and Conditions.

Q: Can I pay bills online using MyPayCard?
A: You may enroll in Bill Pay. Once enrolled in Bill Pay, you can access Bill Pay by signing in to your online account. See the MyPayCard Terms and Conditions for applicable fees.

Q: Should I schedule my bill payments based on the payment due date?
A: Bill Pay processes payments on a scheduled date model. Payments are processed based on the payment’s scheduled date rather than biller due date. The scheduled date is the date on which the payment will be sent. Your scheduled date should allow sufficient time for the payment to be delivered to the biller.

Q: Can I edit or delete a bill payment that I have scheduled?
A: Yes, a bill payment may be edited or deleted up until processing begins.

Q: Can I place a stop payment on a bill payment?
A: Stop payments can only be placed on a payment that is processed as a paper check. Please see the MyPayCard Terms and Conditions for applicable fees. You may place a stop payment by calling Bill Pay support at 1-888-847-5732.

Q: How do I return goods I purchased with my MyPayCard?
A: It depends upon the merchant’s policy. In some cases the merchant will credit your MyPayCard, and in others the merchant will refund you with cash. As with any purchase, always keep your receipt.

Q: Are there any restrictions on where I can use my MyPayCard?
A: When using your card to purchase gas you must pay inside and not at the pump. The MyPayCard cannot be used for online gambling or to reserve a hotel or for car rentals. While the MyPayCard cannot be used to make hotel or car rental reservations, you may pay the final bill with your MyPayCard.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

Q: What should I do if I lose my MyPayCard?
A: Notify us immediately if you believe your MyPayCard has been lost or stolen. You can call the Customer Care Center at 1-866-255-9849. Also, contact your employer as soon as possible so a replacement card can be ordered for you.

Q: If my MyPayCard is replaced with a new card number, can I use my existing user ID and password to access my balance and transaction information online?
A: Yes, once the new MyPayCard has been activated you can access your balance and transaction information using your existing user ID and password.

Q: What if my MyPayCard is damaged, I change my name, or the magnetic strip is not working?
A: If you need your current card reissued for reasons such as a name change, or if the card is damaged or not working properly, contact your employer.

Customer Service

Q: What if I notice an error on my MyPayCard transaction history?
A: Contact the bank immediately if you notice an error on your MyPayCard. Refer to your MyPayCard Terms and Conditions for more information regarding error resolution. A Bankers Trust MyPayCard Dispute Form is also available for you under the Contact and Resource Information link on the Web site.

Q: Whom do I call if I have questions about my MyPayCard?
A: If you have questions about your paycheck being added to your MyPayCard first contact your employer. All other questions can be directed to Customer Care Center at 1-866-255-9849.