Consumer Service Fee Schedule

Effective June 1, 2022

The following fees may be assessed against your account:

​Account Balancing and Research (per half hour) ​$15.00; $15.00 min.
1 ACH Scheduled Transfers (each) $​5.00
2 ACH Transfer Set-up/Maintenance (each) ​$10.00
​Additional Statements (each) ​$8.00
​Amortization Schedule (each) ​$10.00
3ATM Surcharge (each) ​Varies by ATM
4 ATM Transaction (each) ​$2.00
​ATM/Debit Card Expediting (per card, PIN) ​$50.00
​ATM/Debit Card Replacement (each) ​$15.00
​Cashier’s Check (customers, each) ​$7.50
​Cashier’s Check (non-customers, each) ​$10.00
​Certificate of Deposit Reissue (each)

Maximum Reissue Fee



​Check Cashing (non-account holders, per check) ​$5.00
​Check Printing ​Varies by check style ordered
​Checking Reserve (annually in January) ​$30.00
​Coin Exchange (non-customer) ​10% of total, $10.00 minimum
​Collection Items (per item) ​$35.00
​Confirmation (each) ​$12.00
​Counter Checks (each) ​$0.50
Domestic Wire Transfers:
​Incoming (each)
Outgoing (each)
Outgoing Repetitive (each)
Email/Phone/Written Advice (each)
​Dormant Account (per month)
24 consecutive months with no activity
​Early Closing (within 90 days of account opening) ​$35.00
​Gift Card (per card) ​$3.50
Home Equity Line of Credit (annual fee beginning first statement after account opening) ​​$15.00
​International Check Collection Item (value $100 USD or less) ​$40.00
​​International Check Collection Item (value greater than $100 USD) ​​$55.00
​International Currency Deposit Item (Non-Canadian) ​$25.00
5 International Currency Transactions
Purchase or Sold (per currency type)
Purchase or Sold Under $300 USD (per order)
Order Expediting (each transaction)
Order Cancellation

​International Drafts (each) ​$50.00
​International Item Deposited (USD or Canadian Dollar Drawn on Canadian Banks) ​$8.00
​International Return Item (each) ​$35.00
​International Wire Transfers:
Incoming (each)
Outgoing (each)
Email / Phone / Written Advice (each)

Varies Based on Destination
​IRA/HSA Excess Contribution Removal ​$25.00
​IRA/HSA Termination ​$25.00
Legal Process Fee (each)
Legal order to freeze, attach, or withhold funds or property
6 Nontruncation (per month):
Front of check images returned with statement
Back of check images returned with statement

​​Overdraft (Savings or Checking accounts, maximum $132 per day)
Each check or withdrawal $10.49 or less
Each check or withdrawal $10.50 or more

Personal Line of Credit (annual fee beginning first statement after account opening) ​$15.00
Photocopies and Scans (per page) ​$8.00
Reference/Auction Letters (each) ​$5.00
​Returned Deposit (deposited checks & other items):
Redeposit (per item)
Returned Unpaid – charged back (per item)

Returned Item (each time a check or withdrawal is presented for payment against an insufficient balance, any amount, Savings or Checking, no daily maximum) $33.00
​Returned Mail Fee (per month, after 90 days) ​$5.00
​Stop Payments (per item) ​$30.00
​Telephone/Fax/Email Reporting (each) ​$6.00
​Telephone Loan Payments (each) ​$6.00
​Telephone Transfers Account-to-Account (each) ​$6.00
​Transaction History Printout (each) ​$8.00
​Transfer Fee (each transfer, via linked Deposit Accounts) $10.00​
​Visa International Currency Conversion ​1% of Transaction Amount
​Visa US Dollar International Transaction Settlement ​0.8% of Transaction Amount

1 This fee will be assessed for any regularly scheduled debit or credit transfers between your account at Bankers Trust and an account at another financial institution when the transfer is initiated by Bankers Trust at your request. For example, a transfer on the first of every month from a parent’s checking account at Bankers Trust to a college student’s checking account at another financial institution. A special agreement is required for this type of one-to-one personal transfer.

2 The ACH transfer fee does not apply to automatic transactions you would have set up with a third party such as a direct deposit of payroll and payments of utilities, insurance, loans, etc. These transactions are originated by the third party.

3 You may be charged a surcharge fee by the ATM operator or any network used. This fee will be disclosed at the ATM before you complete the transaction.

4 A transaction fee of $2.00 plus applicable tax will be charged for each withdrawal conducted at any foreign (non-Bankers Trust) ATM.

5 You will receive an invoice detailing the foreign currency amount, exchange rate, US dollar value and fee assessed. The transaction will appear in total, on your statement as an “International Debit” for foreign currency purchases or “International Credit” for foreign currency you deposited.

6 Checking accounts specific to our seniors or Private Banking clients will be charged a reduced rate of $3.00 per month. Accounts specific to our Secure LifeStyles members will not be subject to this fee. The $2.00 per month fee for the return of the back of check images applies to all account types.

Items in bold revised since last effective date.

Applicable state law requires that certain service charges and fees be subject to sales tax. Annual fees for open-end credit products charged where permitted by law.

If you have questions, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-362-1688, or